What’s On My Spring Wishlist!?

On the 20th of March begins the first day of Spring, and I for one can’t wait to part with the coats and scarves. Let’s bring in the rainboots and sweaters! I’ve compiled a list of some of the things I’ve put together that pretty much sums up my Spring wish list.

Dr. Martens:

Ive wanted some of these for the longest time and now that Spring is fast approaching, these would look great with so many outfits I have in mind:) (Plus, I’m not sure how, but most of my does are currently for the winter, and I’m not about to wear winter boots in 60 degree weather!) 

Statement Clutch:

I can just imagine how fun it would be to carry one of these! The looks that you would get of confusion as you’re walking outside with any statement clutch is priceless! The one I. The picture above isn’t the exact one I’ve been looking at for a while, but it’s close: I’ve been looking at clutches anywhere to the resemblance of a slice of watermelon, to heart shaped bags!

Black Fedora:

This is basically the best and most versatile (Not to mention most effortless) accessory that you can have for the spring…and it protects you from the sun! I’ve been wanted one of these for quite some time now, but never really ended up getting one…hence its presence on this list. 😛

Plaid Shirt:

I’m still very much not over the whole grunge look, so I am most definitely going to need a plaid shirt to even come close to pulling off the look. Although I do want a red plaid shirt, I’ve really been liking the look of green or even blue as well:)

Purple Hair:

Yes! I’ve been wanted purple hair for probably a year now, and I really hope I’ll be able to paint in very soon, for the Spring Season!

So, that is it! Liked some of the items, and want to know where you can get ahold of them? Have any awesome suggestions for Spring clothing? Any comments of amazingness? Then, feel free to leave a comment below! Bye for now:)

XOXO, Nessa:)


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