Another Drawing! 

Hey everyone! I’m so happy I’ve actually been having some time to blog again, and next week I’m on spring break, so I have more time. *yay!* Before I start this post, I just wanted to say thank you for all of you super nice comments wishing me a happy birthday! It really made my day, so I want to thank you for that<3

For todays post, I just wanted to show you another page I managed to fill up in my sketchbook. I really feel like I’m getting better as I practice, and I’m actually really proud of this one:)  


This second photo is basically a wallpaper version/crop, because later on in a couple of years as I hopefully get better, I would really love for my drawings to become wallpapers:) *the dream<3*

I have been trying to draw people for the longest time now, and no matter how realistic I draw hair or the eyes, or even how I shade the drawing: I can’t get it to look realistic! But, I’m still pretty happy with the outcome, and I’m planning to draw more in this style soon.

I know this was a pretty short post, but I promise some more helpful posts soon! 

XOXO, Nessa:)

(Oh, and just in case it if you were wondering, I drew this with Prismacolor colored pencils:)


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