When You Can’t Afford Your Dream Room

I can’t even begin to tell you how long it’s been since I last redecorated my room, and being a Pinterest fanatic, scrolling through hundreds of fashion blogger-Esque room inspiration makes me want to fill my online Anthropology Cart, or the like. But, in interest of not wanting to end up broke, I’ll settle with these photos…for now:) 

Here’s a bit of my room ideas I plan on making my bedroom look like, inspired from fellow fashion bloggers<3   

Honestly this is decoration-perfection and I honestly don’t know how you even get anything done in this room…like I would just stare at the amount of amazingness for hours😂! But as much as I wish one of these rooms would magically become my own, I’ll settle for some inspiration. So, I’ve compiled some more practical ideas to use in my bedroom to get a similar, but more affordable look:


White Paint: My room-nay-the WHOLE HOUSE- is currently painted a dull beige-orange color and its kind of sad to look at:/ Although, my mother insists it is not orange, but in fact a beige or even a color somehow close to white…like what? Anyways, I don’t see it and it’s would be of great relief to me if at least my bedroom would be of a not-so-orange-tinted color. Ah yes, that would make my day. Aside from this, having white walls allows for your room to look wider, brighter, and cleaner! (Plus you can add any colorful furniture or prints, without making it clash with the wall color).

Office Chair: (along with a nice/simple desk) Honestly, I would probably continue to blog on my phone -not on a laptop-and on my bed-instead of a desk…for like ever. (Which I’m pretty much currently doing right now, and I have yet to blog at my desk and laptop…) It’s certainly something I want to change, and blogging on a fashion-looking desk and fancy chair…well…it probably pretty cool! I really love the white-on white furniture to wall look, as I currently have way too much going on in my room:/ 

Wall Mirror: Yes! I’m probably going to be buying this first, because I currently don’t own a mirror (since I broke my last one-and NO I don’t think I have bad luck for 7 years or something!!) and I really want to be able to have a full length one again! I’m probably looking at getting a larger/taller mirror than average…for OOTD’s for this blog:)

Decorative Flowers: (Its the springtime..(and Easter today!) so I really want my room to keep up with the season. I love flowers, but I’m not so sure I would be so good at keeping up with them, watering them etc., so I really like what one of the photos did above: fake flowers with water in the case to make it appear realistic…love it! Pink and white flowers are most likely my go to colors to try this with the Spring:)

Vanity: I don’t wear makeup. But…yeah I guess I don’t really need one. 😦 But, for the sake of trying to be at least the slightest of helpful to you guys who are reading, I really think that it is worth investing in if you do I fact wear makeup. It’s nice to be able to invest into quality furniture when you know it’ll be put to good use! So, instead of using a small bathroom mirror or the like, why not buy a vanity? (They’ll look so elegant in your room!) 

Artwork Decor: Even though my room has a long way to go until it looks even remotely similar to the photos above, I do have fashion artwork all over my room right now. (Well, mine at least, and a couple of others!) But, I think that decorations are what really bring a room’s theme together. Just picture the photos without the art decor: not so great now…Buying artwork can become expensive quickly…so I advise you , if you want a similar look, (and I’m taking my advice as well) to maybe buy some affordable frames and then ask your local printers to print your photos in a larger size. This will save you about $20 a piece, depending on the initial cost you’d find for an Etsy print. 

Fun Light Fixture: Because nothing makes your room look fancier than a chandellier…(even if the diamonds are totally fake!) Although I probably won’t be getting a light fixture anytime soon, I do think that this is probably the biggest accessory you can change in any room that would make the most difference. I personally love the more eccentric/ less traditional form of chadeliers…and would opt for a more unique type that leaves interesting shadows and such. But that’s just me! 🙂

Welp, that’s all I have to say today, but let me know what you guys think about room redo’s! Any ideas great for spring decorating, or tips on making your bedroom more chic? Please feel free to leave a comment below telling me, I love to read your comments! ❤

XOXO, Nessa:)


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