Fashion Week In Songs: A Playlist

For the past couple of years now, I have been obsessed with fashion week, and I look forward to the the live shows online… more than anything else! And one of the aspects about the lineups I love-besides the couture I dreamed I owned-is the music! When I picture my perfect scenario of my future as a designer, I imagine what songs would play, as the models walk down the runway. So, to paint the picture more clearly, here’s a little playlist of some songs I would envision at the perfect fashion show. 


There’s just something about runway music that’s so different and inticing to hear, probably how in sync the beat is with the models as they walk down the runway. If you don’t know what I mean, check out the playlist I made below, of my all time favorite collection of catwalk sounds:) Below:

^ I personally love retrograde by James Blake, The Giver by Duke Dumot and Its Always by Karma Kid. Have any other songs you love listening to, that maybe remind you of a fashion show? Please share! I’d love to hear:) (pun intended) 😀

XOXO, Nessa:) 


Replies Anyone?

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