What Designers Do You Fangirl Over?

Obsessing over fashion designers and every collection they debut, is an everyday occurrence for any fashion blogger….right? Finding a new designer that you absolutely adore, and somehow become infatuated with…even though you just discovered them. Yup. 

That’s me at least. 

Aaannd, then I proceed to learn everything about them, their inspiration, models, aesthetic..everything. Basically? I hope this isn’t just me who totally fangirls over designers and has mini-dance parties when a new collection comes out. Because if I am…that’s just embarrassing…
Anyways, on the off chance that you all do have some favorite special designers in mind, then this is for you! 

Here’s my TOP 10: (In no particular order)


Because Tom Ford is a perfect example of fashion luxury, and although actually affording one of the designers’ pieces is a dream…it’s still nice to imagine. The fact that the American fashion designer is a Parsons New School of Design alumni, (my dream school!) only makes me love the brand that much more! As for the design aspect, I think what makes me love the label so much is the high-fashion look of every collection. It had such a feel of the sophistication and luxury many always dream of having. Flipping thought the Tom Ford images on Style.com is enough for me to obsess either way! 

 Last year was without a doubt an amazing year for Balmain, as countless celebrities sported their-now famous-cheetah and studded leather dresses, such as the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. 2016 collection look like they’ll only have another strong year as well! So why do I love Balmain so much? It’s creative director Oliver Rousteing tbh. I’m not going to lie: before he took over as head designer of the fashion house at the young age of 26, Balmain wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. (And no his success isn’t just based off of his looks, even though he may be mistaken for a model of his own show at times…like probably) I think it’s the fact that he understands what people want to see, so well that Balmain has become a household brand name for many of us. It doesn’t hurt to get some promo from Nicki Minaj either! (*and when I’m done, I make him buy me Balmain!*) #obsessed 

 Whenever I think of Kate Spade, I think of eccentric, fun designs..and clutches! This is mostly due to the Spring 2015 collection in the photo above, but the designer never fails to add a lot of fun to her collections. The lineup is always colorful, playful and really appeals to me because unlike other more mature-based brands, Kate Spade is a designer you can definitely count on to have clothing fit to your age:) The reason I obsess so much about this designer is the type of lifestyle every collection shows. It tells a story of preppy American women who go to beaches and have barbecues. I think why Spade is such a popular and appealing designer is because of the timeless yet unique designs released each season. The result? A designer with one of the largest fan bases. (Myself included of course!) 
  What I love about Castelbajac’s designs is the fact that no one can recreate it: because the majority of his designs are his own artwork! Many of his paintings make their way into the runway, like his Spring 2014 collection for example. The fact that he does this, adds so much more originality into his work in comparison to other designers, which I absolutely love! And although his pop-culture filled designs and avant-garde designs weren’t as popular in the past, I’m so glad the label has grown now:)

I think at this point, it’s sort of cliche to name Jeremy Scott as one of my Top 10, but it’s with good reason: he’s a designer that can do two things extremely well: keep up with current trends and culture, and bring back old trends…while making both work! His famous Barbie inspired collection shown in the photo above pretty much summarizes the fact that he has such a happy and light feel about his clothing, which might be why his collections appeal so much to me:) One of the things many designers have been lacking lately is color: This is not a problem with Moschino however: why I love them ❤

I’ve written a couple of posts on Fausto Puglisi on this blog, and tbh you’ll probably see more in the future…why you may ask? Because they’re the best! I’ve drawn Puglisi-inspired fashion illustrations, watched basically every one of the label’s shows…yeah: #obsessed. I think in a way, Fausto designs clothing items that give me short-term nostalgia. Although confusing, it does make some sense. Every collection is somehow linked to the past one: for example the collection above has the same pleated skirts and warrior-style circle studded sandals the previous collection debuted! Or is that just me?

 I feel like if I was a professional tennis player or a wealthy city girl I would have a whole closet of just Elie Tahari. (Not sure why tennis player comes to mind though) It’s just that every collection seems to have this awesome sporty vibe, that I can almost picture this outfit amoung the NYC nightlife. (Particularly, their Resort 2015 collection) Will I every stop loving this label? No. No I will not. 

  Cavali is probably best known for his use of exotic prints: So I guess that sums up why I love every collection so much! I personally tend to love the “Just Cavalli” designs more. They have a younger feel to them, and when I say this, I honestly can say that I would wear everything from the collection! And that’s definitely saying something! But how is Roberto Cavalli able to create such perfect lineups? I don’t know, maybe because he’s from Florece, birthplace of the Renaissance!? Yeah, that’s probably not it..

   Alice and Olivia has such a playful aesthetic that is just so appealing to the eye. I absolutely adore how artistic-oriented the lineup always ends up being: full of life and character! I tend to love best the designers that aren’t afraid to use color and bold designs. Point in case in the photo above:) Hey, maybe I’ll end up writing an “Open-Letter” blog post to Stacey Bendet! (head designer/creative director)   

 *Oh Rodarte, how I love thee. Shall I name the ways!* So, let me start be saying that Rodarte is pretty much perfect. Ok cool so we all now know this. Seriously though, have you ever seen any other designers (or designer duo-hey there Kate and Laura Mulleavy!)  that created a collection, that was truly ready to wear? Can you picture yourself wearing the clothing items in real life? Because this is what the Califorina-based designers are proficient in: creating luxury designs that are still wearable and appropriate for real life. Need I say more, or are you obsessed now to? 🙂

So, maybe it’s not an obsession…exactly. What are some designers that you absolutely love? I would love to hear your comments below!

XOXO, Nessa:)


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