An Attempt At Watercolor Drawing! 

Hey everyone! So, a couple of months ago, I bought a 24 pack of watercolor pencils, and I haven’t been brave enough to actually use them! I was nervous that I wouldn’t be good at controlling a paint brush, and ruining my drawing…but you’ll never get better at something unless you never try! So, here’s my 1st attempt:)  


I’m rather surprised at how muc control you can have with a paintbrush! Moral of this post? Try new things! Haha:) Any suggestions of my next drawing? Please comment! I would love to hear:) 

XOXO, Nessa:)


7 thoughts on “An Attempt At Watercolor Drawing! 

  1. Wow! Great job! I go to fashion design clasess and I also draw and I will let myself give you a tip: sometimes you can contour with a colour pencil or pastel instead of a fine pen – it gives out a different look, more subtle, not so graphic. But I really like your work – keep going 🙂

    I have a fashion & lifestyle blog and would be lovely if you could give me some ideas or recommendations for it! Thanks a million 🙂

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