Back To The Blog:)

Hey everyone! So, I am so excited to announce that I am finally going to start posting every day again! Woop woop! It’s finally summer break again, and with my 1 Year Blogiversary coming up on the 11th, I felt it was time to put more effort into my blog than ever before! My goal is basically to eventually get my own domain name, and grow my blog. I really want a logo, and honestly a new blog name as well:) But, before that happens, I’ll be blogging much more often and working on some content for you all! I’m honestly so excited to see what’s in store for ThatChicFashionBlog this summer, and I already have some new post ideas I haven’t done yet, under wraps so stay tuned! 

This was all possible by the end of school! 😂 It kind of was though, as my AP class was waaay too time consuming! Here’s a photo:  Anyways, although I had an awesome time with AP, I can’t wait to be able to blog again, and once again be part of this amazing blogosphere:) Who’s ready? 😀

XOXO, Nessa:)


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