My Long List Of Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made

I’ve been blogging for a year now since yesterday, but to be honest not all of my trials were successful as I attempted to discover what I was trying to do with my blog: and I quickly discovered that many of thaw trials…were errors. But alas, even my most embarrassing mistakes should be shared in hopes of helping you and your blogs! So, here’s a list of the not-so-proud moments and low points in my blogging venture. Here’s what you probably…shouldn’t…do…

  • Writing blog posts or tags that I wasn’t passionate about, solely for the views.
  • Not putting thought into my blog name and what it means to me.
  • Rushing and stressing about posting as much as possible.
  • Not taking my own photography for my posts.
  • Letting others influence my own ideas, and not being true to myself.
  • Feeling pressured to portray a perfect fashion blogger life, I’m in no way near.
  • Taking advice too seriously, affecting me and my blog.
  • Writing only for the sake of it being an easy topic to write about. 
  • Focusing on the quantity of posts and not the quality. 
  • Having an over-blown ideal for what success meant for my blog. 
  • Being obsessed with gaining followers on social media for my blog, as I thought that would mean “success”. 
  • Not believing enough in myself or my blog.

I’ve made many mistakes as I found out what it meant to be a blogger, what it meant to influence others online, and how I wished to portray myself. But, for anyone who is a blogger out there who is reading this right now: We are part of the 5% of blogs that are still active! Don’t stop blogging like 95% eventually do because you keep making mistakes. I’m not proud of my line but I know that I learn from them and grow…and my blog grows with me. 

Want to share any of your blogging mistakes? Leave a comment below, and let’s laugh at how awesome we are now! No pressure though, only share if you want to:) 
XOXO, Nessa


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