The Return Of The Fashionista Award!

   It’s finally happening, and I am so exited! So, to those of you that have been awesome MVPs by reading my blog since last summer, then you may remember me starting the Fashionista Award, in which I would nominate 10 people, you would nominate 10 and so on and so on until eventually I would randomly select 5 people. (An online randomizer-promise I don’t choose favorites!) From then, I host an online poll and you guys get to choose which blog from the ones listed in the poll is your favorite. The winner gets an option to guest post and wins the award to display on their site:) 

I was really happy to see not only how much many of you loved the idea of the award, last summer, but how engaged you were with sharing the poll for your votes and nominations! I got to learn so much about you all through this, and I am so glad I started last year, and I thought: Why not bring it back? 

So, without further ado, here are my first top 10 bloggers here on WordPress I nominate for the award:)

1) LifeStyleTalks-






7) TheFashionHall-




All blog submissions will be put in the randomizer by June 22 (Monday). Check back to vote on your favorite blogger from the Top 5 on the 22nd! 
For more information, you can visit the Fashionista Award Page, and view past winners, rules, etc:  >here<

XOXO, Nessa:)


21 thoughts on “The Return Of The Fashionista Award!

  1. Hi Vanessa! First of all, Sorry for me being late! This to inform you that my post on The Fashionista Award Nomination is online! Just one question to know how it works from here: Do I have to contact the nominees or will you? Thanks.

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