My “Photoshoot OOTD” Series!

Hello there wonderful readers around the globe! Today, I am actually very excited to announce that ThatChicFashionBlog will finally live up to its name: basically I’m really going to focus on the fashion-based aspect my blog was always meant to be. Over the year that I have been blogging, I have really enjoyed talking about a variety of topics, and although they all had to do with fashion, I never really got the chance to showcase my own personal style. I really hope that I’m going in the right direction on my blog, and that it becomes more of a fashion inspiration board as it grows in the future:)

Yesterday, I started my series just to see how it went and to make sure you girls would enjoy seeing more…and the feedback I got made me pretty sure that continuing the OOTD’s for a whole series would be the direction I would go in!

So, here’s my 2nd outfit: 



 Leggings: Nordstrom

Boots: Doc Martens (Nordstom) 

Camisole: Forever 21 

Summer Jacket: Macy’s

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Rings: Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe 

So, that was my outfit for today! Love wearing light jackets in the summer, I’m so surprised at how nice and airy this one is. And gold-colored jewelry is definitely my new favorite right now, even though I usually prefer silver:) Anyways, please let me know what you all think! The outifit, the series, anything! 



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