The Fashionista Award Is Back: Vote For Your Favorite Blogger!

  We have the Top nominees, and now the voting is up to you all to determine which blogger is the overall winner for the 5th ever Fashionista Award! 

The voting starts today and ends this Friday on the 26th.

( If you are one of the 7 bloggers currently in the running, share this poll and link anywhere to receive more votes! Facebook, Twitter, on your blog etc. Good Luck!)

-Poll Below-

(If you are in the WordPress reader on your phone, you may have to open an Internet window to see the poll)

Here are the bloggers entires:

XOXO, Nessa:)


10 thoughts on “The Fashionista Award Is Back: Vote For Your Favorite Blogger!

  1. Hi Vanessa, I doubt it’s even possible at this point, but I would actually like to be taken off of the poll… I don’t even know who is voting for me, but I dont want to be a part of a poll where people are just sitting at their computers and voting over and over again… it defeats the purpose of the award… sorry but, I’m more interested in people following my blog because they like the content…


    1. I completely understand, although I must say I never thought about the award I made in the way you described. I started the “poll” for the award because many awards I see have a this “poll” in them. Even television awards, where people “vote” for their favorites 🙂 And of course it is still possible: I would never want to put another blogger in anything you may not be comfortable or aren’t agreeing with. I appreciate you telling me, as I now see the award in a different light. Have a nice rest of the day, and I’ll make sure to do that. 🙂


  2. Hi Vanessa! I won’t be sharing if you don’t mind. I honestly thought I was already nominated…That’s why I nominated 10 other bloggers and dedicated a post on my nomination! Clearly, I must have misunderstood….But if your readers think Lifestyletalks is ‘quite something’ they may always put out a vote! Love, Bieke


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