8 Pieces, 8 Outfits: Making The Most of Your Wordrobe! 

 Hey girls! I am pretty excited to post today, because I’ve been wanting to do this post since last year when I first started blogging, and that is a “Fashion Mixology” type post! I was inspired by the well-known blog: A Beautiful Mess, and decided I would finally recreate the post, but with my own style. So, If you aren’t familiar with the series, basically the idea is to inspire you to get moe creative with your outfit choices. I know I to only ever wear 20% of my wardrobe, but what if you can strech your closet farther? The goal of this post is basically to use 8 pieces and recreate their use into 8 outfits. It was a bit challenging but I was surprised by some of the combinations I never thought of wearing! So, without further ado, here are the 8 outfits.

Outfit #1) So,for this outfit I used three of my pieces: a black blazer, an American flag top, and a pair of black shorts. Since the top was a bit too casual, I added a pair of BCBG gold and black sandals, and the black blazer to give it a more professional yet still laid back look. Wearing shorts with a blazer is a fun touch, as mixing business-wear with casual gives it a unique summer-feel.

Outfit #2) So, for this outfit, I decided to pair a denim jacket without sleeves to suit the current 75 degree weather, and also paired it with a pair of khaki pants. I decided on wearing these awesome all-year-round type boots from Forever 21 as well: They are made quite thin, so they are still “socially acceptable” by wearing these this summer. I think this is a much more casual look you can definitely wear pretty much anywhere but still look put together:) 

Outfit #3) For the third outfit, I kept the khaki pants, but paired it with a camisole and a floral black kimono. I really love this look, because it is so perfect for the summer, and great for breezy days, when you need a cover-up but don’t want to be too hot. A added a pair of simple black lace ballet flats to complete the look, as well as this adorable elephant necklace I wear way too much that I got from Forever 21:)

Outfit #4) This time around, I wore my black shorts, and gold sandals. I also swapped out necklaces and opted for an cute Eiffel Tower necklace I got a while back. I think this outfit is perfect for a walk in the park, a day at the zoo, anything outdoorsy really. I really love the floral print of the kimono that really makes me want to go outside and explore:) 

  Outfit #5) Now, I added another of my 8 outfit pieces: a maroon skirt from the first Bethany Mota collection at Aeropostale, which I’m still so excited about having! I added my black blazer and a pair of black Doc Martens to complete the look. It looked a bit plain, so I decided on this colorful statement necklace I absolutely love:) 

Outfit #6) I decided to dress down a bit for this one, as my 5th outfit was a bit too business-like. I swapped my shoes out for these cream boots, a triangle-overlapping necklace and the denim jacket. I really like this outfit, because it looks very simple, yet put together at the same time. It’s very versatile and can be worn at many occasions, which I love:)

Outfit #7) My last piece I chose was a leather skirt, which I used in two outfits. Here, I once again wore my black blazer and a pair of lace ballet flats. I really love this look, because it reminds me a lot of an outfit you can use for a job interview, a speech, or a business-occasion type event. 

Outfit #8) Finally, for my last outfit, I wore my floral cover up and a pair of high top maroon shoes. This look is actually the only one I have ever worn in reality, and I am so glad I did this fashion-swapping challenge, because now I am so happy to feel like my whole wardrobe has expanded! 



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