4 Last Minute 4th of July Outfits!!

  Hello my amazing readers! Today, I really wanted to share with you a rather useful post that is extremely last-minute, which I’m also sorry is coming out so late! I got to thinking that a huge part of the 4th of July is showing patriotism through clothing! So, because of that, here are 4 outfit ideas great for the 4th of July today!

  I’m from the Chicago area, and sometimes the weather here is really sporadic in the Windy City. That’s why, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and wear an outfit suitable for any temperature we may face! If you live in conditions as those here, then this outfit is for you! Wearing a leather jacket on top of a light cami makes it more acceptable for the summer, and the high waited sorts gives the outfit a bit more styling. I wore all black to highlight the American Flag cap (that I have literally been waiting for all year to wear!) and the makeup. Although it’s not so clear, I am wearing a red, white and blue lipstick. Basically, I wore 3 colors in vertical lines to give a “flag look”. I also added a pair of blue glasses and a patriotic star face painting for a bit more fun on a rather simple outfit.

  If the day is a bit more warm, this is perfect for a day spent on a celebratory picnic or to go and watch fireworks at night! Although red, white and blue are not prominent here, I added makeup that would add more spirit. Since it is not a very clear picture, I basically went ahead and drew a blue star on one cheek, and 4 red lines on the other to portray a flag as well. To make the outfit moe fun, I added this oversized bow from Forever 21!

  If you want a very casual outfit, then here is a very comfortable yet still festive ensemble for just relaxing with friends and family this 4th of July. When you think of patriotic superheroes, we usually think of Captain America and Superman. So this top is an ode to both, and adding a blue skirt and white sandals add to the overall American colors and look.

  You may remember this top from my other post not so long ago, but I needed to include it since it’s an AMERICAN FLAG!! This is probably the outfit I will end up wearing this Forth of July:) 

I hope you all found this post a bit helpful even though I know it is so last minute! Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment and tell my what you think:) I would love to hear! 



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