OOTD: Oh What A Whovian You Are!

To say that I’m merely happy for my most recent clothing purchase would be quite the understatement, because this may be the BEST yet. Seriously. Not only did a Hot Topic finally open at my local mall: but a whole section is dedicated to the wonderful fandom called Dr.Who. Oblivious to those around me who probably thought I was crazy for my maybe over-enthusiastic response to the display of Tardis-filled merch: the only word I could think to describe me finding this amazing Docter clothing and merch..well..”Fantastic!” as I would imagine Christopher Eccleston exclaiming  as well. Of course, I couldn’t possibly buy this dress without showing it to you all here: so I present to you…probably the best OOTD on my blog…like..EVER!  

 ~Oh the feels~ šŸ˜‚

P.S. To all of my amazing readers,

More OOTD’s soon:) I have some Men’s Fashion Week posts that I also plan to post this week!  



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