Magazine DIY and Blog Sneak Peak!

It really has been a while, now hasn’t it? I really do feel bad when I have to start my posts by saying this, because I really want to be able to blog more. Lately though, I’ve been in a bloggers block sort of feeling that I can’t shake off, but still: I’m not going to leave this blog post-less for any more than a week:)

So, today I thought I would share a fun DIY project will you all, I think you may find to be a  little creative touch to a room: a magazine word wall! I was really inspired to create this DIY and post once I saw a similar design in a store that sold relatively “pricey” letter decals, and I wondered if I could create the same look for a much cheaper price. Aaanndd ok… I must admit that I was mostly looking for a creative way to make use of my pile of unused magazinesπŸ˜‚.

Ok, on with the DIY! So, I decided to create a word-wall-inspired look on one of my bedroom walls I thought was pretty plain and needed a bit of personality. If you like the end results, the simple tutorial is below:) 

Supplies:   1-Magazines: (You’ll need some magazines that are the same size in length and width to make the letters in the word wall a bit easier to draw the same size.).                                          2-Sharpie: (I reccomend using a sharpie on darker paper you would like to use, so that cutting out the letters is made more visible. However, pencil is much cleaner on lighter photos.).                                                                   3-Ruler: (It’s much easier to use a ruler for accurate drawings of your lettering. It will also be a much cleaner look once you cut your phrases out.).                                                        4-Scissors: (Although scissors work perfectly fine, you may need to use an Xacto knife to cut some of the letters such as the “A” I had a lot of trouble withπŸ˜‚.)  

Ok, so first you will need to decide on a word or phrase that you want to display on your wall. I chose…”ASTYLECHRONICLE.COM”. Wait. What? But why wouldnt you put “ThatChicFashionBlog.”? Well, this is my blog announcement! I’m actually planning on doing a blog redesign and name change!!! I’m really excited for the rebranding and I’ll have more on this soon, but basically I chose this as an incentive for me to continue to blog, for this domain purchase to be worth while:) So far however, this blog will stay the same, because owning your own domain is expensive! 

Aaaaannnyyyways…after that long tanget, let’s continue with step one shall we?! Ok, cool. So, as I was saying, after choosing your phrase, it’s a good idea to type it online and play around with the centering and how you want to place your words on your wall. I chose to use PicCollage to center my words and figure out the format I wanted, but any photo editor with text enabled would do the trick. πŸ™‚

Step 2: Count the letters in your phrase, word, quote etc. Then, chose this amount of pages from your magazines. (Remember to use the same sized issues, as it will be easier to make all of your letter same size. For, example, I used only Teen Vogue as they are very sma in size, and I knew I wanted small letters to ensure they would fit on my wall.) 

Step 3: Trace each letter and cut them out, making sure that they reach the points of the bottom and top of the page. Quite self-explanatory:)”

Step 4: Simply to make it much easier, laying down the letters in order will make a simpler and faster to tape on your wall. 

And this is the finished project above! I’m really happy with how it turned out: finally, I’m no longer looking at a blank and boring wall:) Any other DIY projects you want me to cover? I would love to hear your suggestions! 



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