3 Back To School Makeup Ideas!

   Hi everyone!! So, I know that I have been pretty much absent from my usual blog post routine, but even so: I knew I didn’t want to miss out on my new mini series! And that’s: Back To School themed! I’m really excited for this new blog series, since I haven’t done one since last year when I began “My Attempts At Drawing”, and in thought of what I should do next, it dawned on me that my next posts should be helpful and something I could teach:) So, if you’re going back to school and need some makeup tips, or are simply an awesome reader keep scrolling!

Look #1:
This look is definitely a good choice for a day you can wear out-of-uniform for a school event or even more: picture day. When you have a photo taken, wearing a normal amount of makeup with light shades of pink may look very nice, but may not be visible on the camera screen. Therefore, opting for a more vibrant lip color such as red, and wearing a dark eyeliner, will give you a more made-up look for any school occasion! For this look I used Mary Kay hydrating facial cream from Botanical Effects and the red lipstick is also from Mary Kay.

Look #2:    This look is definitely much more daring, especially for school. However, if you’re looking for a unique makeup look to stand out from the rest of the girls in your class, a fun color such as this violet shade maybe for you! Using colors such as purple, red-orange and maroon are attention drawing, so it is perfect if you wear glasses and want to draw attention to your lips instead of eye makeup. Here I am wearing a very affordable matte purple lipstick from L.A. Girls. I also added a thin layer of Mac Rebel lipstick to create a slight ombré effect. To make my skin appear smoother and brighter, I applied Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer which is also perfect for back to school weather, as it is still summer: having spf 20.

Look #3: This last look is definitely the most every-day look that I would usually wear to school. Applying a light red lipstick with Fisisions Formula lip gloss and a bit of mascara is enough to look put together, without having to worry about the hassles of re-applying makeup in between your classes.

And that’s it for this post! Let me know in the comments below which look is your favorite! And if you like this Back to School series or if you find it helpful, please like this post so that I know to do more very soon:)

See you soon! 



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