My Attempts At Drawing: Fashion Collections! 

So I’ve finally come the the conclusion that if I have an idea, and I have the time to bring that idea to life: then I probably should. Right? Well, in this case, it’s my long awaited dream of actually constructing the garments that I keep sketching in my head, and drawing on paper….so today I decided to draw something that I could potentially make. It is a bit ambitious since I’m not a professional in sewing, but why not try it? 

Below, are 3 looks that I may/may not make in the near future. 🙂  

In a simpler and much more toned down version, I can very much see myself creating both of these looks! One of the things that I learned from the process was how hard it was to really hone in on my own personal aesthetic and how I could show my style in both of these looks. I now truly understand why designers go through dozens of drafts until creating a perfect look: something I will absolutely be doing as well. Although these looks are far from what I would like them to look, the idea is there. Now I just have to start creating:) (and edit like crazy, let’s just be honest!)

  This last look was a winter outfit that I felt would cater to a large percent of women today. It’s very versatile with a sophisticated yet not too bold print on the coat, with a much more designed pant. These sinch at the waist as well as the ankeles with extra fabric and think it just adds a very girly look to contrast the rather boxy-looking coat. 🙂



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