My Guide On: Creating Your Signature Style 

  Although I spend a large majority of my time blogging about trends and new styles to be on the look out for: what matters ultimately is not how well you are able to conform to the latest look, but how great you can show your own personality through your outfits. Personal style is developed over a long period of time and should be a reflection on who you are as a person, what you value and everything you love. 

This may seem as an obvious fact, but I say this because it is surprising how many people believe that their “personal” signature fashion is in fact theirs and “unique”. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but sometimes style such as labeling yourself as “bohemian” or “grunge” on its own is not only limiting: but not exactly your own. 

So, if you are trying to understand how to define your own fashion sense, continue reading for some tips on how to start figuring your style out. 

#1: Do make sure that you are comfortable. If you feel that you’re forcing a certain style on yourself that isn’t compatible with you’re personality and are simply purchasing pieces that look “fashionable” for the sake of having a cohesive wardrobe…well not a great idea. The idea of personal style is the opposite of conformity, so don’t be afraid to stand out! After all, if you buy a piece you aren’t so fond of, it’ll only be left in the back of your closet eventually, so focus only the clothing items you absolutely love. 

#2: Don’t constrict yourself to one style, such as labeling yourself as “bohemian” or “girly chic”. Not only are you limiting your choices while shopping, but you also aren’t giving yourself any space to evolve and go through different phases of different styles. Think of it this way: If everyone had a style that stayed the same, then there would be no Fashion Week. The point of fashion is change, so inserting yourself in a style clique isn’t the best choice. 

#3: Do consider your personality. Clothing can make either a great impression or a horrible one, most importantly however: it can give the wrong impression depending on the clothes your wearing. If you’re a very bubbly and overall happy person, but tend to wear a very dark and almost closed-off look, you might seem unapproachable even though you haven’t done anything besides your clothing to suggest that. Style should reflect you as a person, not a look you wish to copy.

#4: Don’t be a copy. It’s tempting. Oh, it’s tempting all right. Because between our breaks when we scroll though fashion Instagram accounts and style-filled blogs with so much inspiration…we find that one icon. All of a sudden you find yourself wanting to purchase that one persons entire wardrobe. But there’s a problem: that not you. As amazing as the clothing that this style icon you see online is, it still isn’t you. Personal style is a journey of style an error, not a journey from a click on a fashion blog to a link where they purchased their coveted clothing. 

#5: Do take notice on your most work pieces. Why do you wear them? Is it because they’re comfortable or maybe because you love how they fit? Notice if there’s a pattern or similar look in these items, and it will be much clearer to visually see what you love to wear. Focusing on this will help you shop easier and give you more of an idea of the colors you usually wear, silohettes you’re most comfortable wearing and prints you love the most. 

#6: Don’t feel like you have to go out of your comfort zone…at least too much. While it’s great to try out new styles of clothing at first, it is also a good idea to focus on a style you already known you love. You’ll be saving time and money by doing so, and your wardrobe will look much more consistent by stocking up on a particular “look”. 

#7: Do purchase the basics. No matter what style you may find yourself loving the most, the basic white tee, black jeans and blazer will almost always be needed. However, even when purchasing the most basic of looks, you can still add a touch of your own personality as well: such as the emblishments on a pant, the cut of a jacket, or even the style of neckline on a simple tee shirt. 

#8: Don’t feel pressured to define a style. Don’t blindly follow a trend for the sake of having something to say when the question on your fashion choices arises. The point of figuring out what exactly you love to wear is the most important part anyways, so don’t be afraid to simply tell the truth. Admitting this to yourself as well, will make it much easier for you to truly think about what style you love. 

#9: Do assess your current fashion situation. This means not only what’s in your closet, but also your online presence. Do you have a Pinterest fashion board, or follow particular fashion bloggers on Instagram? Make sure to really focus on key patterns throughout and try to find an overall idea of what you usually gravitate towards. 

#10: Don’t buy unless you know that a clothing item will work in multiple ways and with different outfits. The last thing you want is a beautiful piece you only wear once!


–Try This to Figure Out Your Style–
One of the most helpful exercises you can do to understand your fashion sense is going through a pile of magazines, go online or shop in person: and select 10 items. If you’re in a store, take a photo of these pieces (no matter how expensive they are) because instead of quickly making your purchase, notice the pattern. Only chose clothing items you absolutely LOVE. Are the colors similar? Maybe you’ll notice a certain category this clothing goes in. Once you narrow it down, you can focus on finding fashion similar to the pictures you collected:) 

–Go To A Personal Stylist–                        Although not all the time, most of the time a personal stylist can help you figure out what styles, colors and silohettes look best on your body type and personality. Because not only do you want a look that fits your style, but also suits your body type. Trained in understanding different styles, a personal stylist may be of great help to you. 

I hope these tips make it a bit clearer on assisting your style journey:) Let me know in the comments below any other posts you would like me to cover! 



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