A Peek Into My Recent Fashion Sketches 

I haven’t blogged in well over a week, and I honestly can’t even begin to describe what a weird feeling it is not not share any content with you guys for so long. I know that for many of you, one week seems like a normal amount of time in between blog posts, but I guess I’ve grown so accustomed with the “blogger life” that I’ve been bothered by the loneliness that is my less-than-up-to-date blog. And for that, I am quite sorry. 

Rather than make excuses (as I so frequently tend to do nowadays, I must admit), I am truly going to try my best to fit in a couple of posts a week, on top of my classes as I am now back in school for the past two weeks. (And my, is the workload quickly piling on!) After all, my favorite week of all year is coming up soon, and I simply cannot wait to document it…Fashion Week!!!!! 

If I don’t have time to post on time for London, Paris and Milan, then I’ll try to post as many reviews as I can for NYFW:) 

For now, as we await the few days until the exciting month of new fashion, here are some inspired clothing sketches I’ve drawn this past week while away from my little blog…

 I feel like without even realizing, I was drawing exactly why I wish I could pull out of my closet and wear any day! I really like practical looks that are comfortable but stil make a statement. In this casual look, I paired some dark blue shorts with an Arctic Monkeys white tee….and of course the statement peice: the fedora! Oh and a Starbucks cup in hand for good measure as well because why not?! 😂 (yes, the cup is white and red instead of green…#notdealingwithcopyright…stuff)   
 This look is basically what I hope my closet would encompass: a toned down and comfortable look, with a nod to grunge fashion but with a modern twist. I’ve really been loving the big knit sweater look lately, and I decided to draw in a pair of knee-high socks and Doc Martens to make the look more suitable for the upcoming fall season. 

 This look looks a bit more boutique in my eyes when I was visualizing it. I feel like although I would not really wear this at my age, I would love to wear something as blod as this top as well as these heels if I was a bit older:)  
 And of course, going back to quite some time ago, when my blog was fairly new, I picked a designer that I was inspired by and drew my favorite look. In this case, it was this amazing look from the Fendi 2016 Resort collection. I literally want every peice from this lineup! 



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