Music Mood: Fashion Week Edition…

  In anticipation for fashion week reviewing, I wanted to share a quick little post with you all, for all of the music I’ll be listening to during fashion week/ while reviewing. The majority of these songs have a fashion-esque style for the runway, and others simply inspire me to write. But, with that being said, here’s my list!  

(Songs are liked to their YouTube videos, if you’d like to listen:))

Years and Years-King

I’m An Albatraoz– AronChupa

Shooting Stars– Bag Raiders

East of Eden– Zella Day

Golden– Parade of Lights


Kanye-The Chainsmokers

Our Own House– Misterwives

Naive– The Kooks

Sleepyhead– Passion Pit

Bad– The Cab

Help Our Souls– Nihils 

Up We Go– Lights 

Reverse– SomeKindaWonderful 

Doses and Mimosas– Cherub

Long Way Down– Robert DeLong



Replies Anyone?

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