NYFW Review: Nicole Miller

Nicole Millers collection this season for New York Fashion Week was certainly one of the standouts for me personally. With its grunge and gritty vibe, this definitely coincided with my personal taste. Here’s my review on the outstanding lineup…

  By first glance, it’s apparent that Miller’s sole inspiration for this collection was graffiti and street art in general, with these opening looks. This featured print definitely had a New Yorker street style vibe to it, which was meant to be the style that the label went for this year, creating a new younger audience and coustumer base to her brand. 

Mentioning the fact that she looks at things “quite literally”, Millers aesthetic shines though this collection. However, at the same time, this review wouldn’t be quite complete without a mention to what everyone fashion-knowing person is thinking this season…it hardly seems as if the same designer has debuted this collection! Although I completely agree with this statement (I myself excepting impeccable silhouettes, with clean and crisp looks, and a simple color scheme with bold colors), I also think however that changes as these are what make the designer and brand grow. I’m absolutely all for it, and more of a fan than I already was before! 

  Coming back to my past tangent, as I mentioned before, her collection was heavily inspired by graffiti. The brick wall underlay is a touch that makes the reference both literal as well as giving the peices a pleated effect which I thought looked very interesting on the runway. I am not certain about the fabric that was used for the jumper and top on the third look, but I love how it resembles denim…it’s the upscale version of it I would have to guess. 😂 

I am such a fan of these buckles used on the straps as seen in the third look in the photos above, and another look in the collection. I just think it gives the collection a very playful 90s feel to a rather bold look. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing looks similar to these quite soon. 

  Going on further in the lineup, we reach this black and white pallete after a rather bold couple of looks. However, although not as colorful, they maintain to the standard and are just as bold. I am absolutely in love with this street style look, and it really shines through on the looks above. Sporting chumky patterned gym shoes and caps with formal skirts and work tops really give these looks an edge to a rather normal everyday look. 
 Perhaps the most feminine of the looks this season, we have these three beautiful prints to accompany the graffiti featured pattern. Although not entirely cohesive in print and cut, I can see the connection with a very similar buyer for all of these looks. With the extremes in different silohettes  and transitions from gym shoes and heels…the whole collection is definitely a risk, but nevertheless an overall great and original breath of fresh air to the label. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Any other collections for NYFW you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments! Also, what did you think about this collection? I’d love to hear your opinions:)  



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