My NYFW Review: Desigual 

(On a random note before I start my review, if any of you know how to pronounce this label, I would be grateful for your knowledge😂…is it De-see-gul? Or maybe…de-see-goo-al..? I have no idea…) 

Okay, well anyways here’s my review:

I really loved every single look that walked down the runway this season for Desigual, and I’ll be the first to admit that this is in fact the first of this brands’ collections that I’ve not only reviewed, but also ever heard of! With that being said, I don’t really have any background knowledge about the label, its target audience, aesthetic etc. Therefore, it could pretty much be assumed that his review will be supported mainly by my own opinions. I’ll try to be as little as biased as I can. 🙂 

These three looks above are my absolute favorites, and it was quite difficult to narrow it down, even the the collection didn’t have over 60 looks. Even so, the line was able to capture so much in this small lineup, making a great first impression on me for sure. The first aspect I noticed here was the inspiration which I could only imagine borrowed from the middle eastern vibes and bright color scheme. I thought the looks were very fun and bold, and easily the prints were the focal point in this collection. 

Every look has a very fresh and new vibe to it, blended however with traditional, yet revamped- looks, such as the head peices. Overall, if you have asked me to describe in three words this collection, it would be: eclectic, eccentric and absolutely fearless. The bold mixture of print and color give this collection a carefree look, yet somehow remains cohesive in doing so. 

 One particular detail I really can appreciate  from this lineup, is how easily you can see each peice is truly ready-to-wear. In comparison to other designers-although with breathtaking gowns and eccentric accessories that seem to come straight out of a Star Wars movie-this is truly what this season is about. I can definitely already see department stores stocking up on looks such as these very close in the future. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the one thing everyone remembered most from this collection: the models with…selfie sticks. Now, like many people, I’m not really a fan of this selfie-crazed market, but at the same time I could see how by having this aspect tied into the collection was not only another bold move, but may aid in the label’s outreach into a younger market. 

  I think it’s safe to say that this Spanish brand is one that I’ll absolutely look forward to seeing from now on, as I always love to leash about new labels and this was one of the highlight of the opening days of NYFW. It’s the eclectic nature and highly cultured inspiration that brings such life and fun into this collection, that I fell in love with. It’s the use of decorative Mohawks, and headphones, it’s the wide array of patterned shoes, and color blocking. And it’s the fact that I can easily tell why Iris Apfel attended this show in particular: it is most certainly her style. 

To wrap up this review, I would say that if you want to stand out, and live to make fashion statements and risks, than this collection is perfect for you. If you like more toned down as sophisticated looks however, as the orange lipstick may not be at your liking. As everything, it comes down to personal taste and opinion. Mine however is definitely at a positive note:)
Rating: 4.6/5  



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