OOTD: Bringing Boho Back

 When the boho trend first resurfaced around the middle of last year, I really wasn’t a fan of it. Maybe it was my strong opinion of dislike towards the stereotypical 70s look we’ve seen so much of, or maybe it’s just because I always think of wide-legged pants…but at the instance I didn’t really like it.

That didn’t last really long, and for whatever reason, everytime I entered a store, their window displays and looks that were featured at the front of the shop started to look better to me! (Yeah it’s kinda weird I guess) I tried to bring a little inspiration and recreate a look with a more toned down feel of boho. Hope you like it:)   

Fringe Top: …not sure:/

Leggings: Nordstrom 

Necklace: forever 21

Shoes: Timberland  



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