My Attempts At Drawing: Peek Into My Fashion Portfolio! 

If you were to ask me what my lifetime career goal was-at my age right now, at least-I would quickly respond with similar answer each time: I want to be able to drastically improve my artistic skills, in order to be a successful fashion designer in the making. Of course that would be an amazing career and life, but although I may not be old enough to see this dream become a relality just yet, I’m deciding to take the steps right now, and really hone in on drawing and fashion illustration, so design school could be a breeze! 

For this drawing, I really focused on the technical aspects and well as my ability to recreate a photograph, including the shades of each color with the limited supplies that I have. I have to say, that I was actually really happy to see how the final image turned out! I was so surprised at how similar my drawing really ressembled the photo, and it just motivates me to continue to do these types of projects in the future:) 

  I was really trying to experiment as much as possible in this illustration, and I really focused on how I drew and later color, instead on focusing much-or any, for that matter-attention on the actual design-hence the simple shift dress. I decided to try out only coloring in the clothing, and I was actually pretty pleased how this looks, making the clothing catch the eye, before the model which is definitely something I want to try to capture.

For this project, I used watercolor pencils and a watercolor soft brush of medium size. Both came from Barnes and Noble, and although with an affordable price tag of a low $12 for 24 pencils, I was really pleased with he pigment of the colors. (The skin was shaded with a lead pencil and a shading tool.)

  ^The sketch before it was shaded and colored. 🙂



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