A Peek Into My Drawing Portfolio!

Ive been given the luck of actually having time and motivation and the same time to draw three drawings in one week…this rarely happens nowadays so I’m actually really excited! All of these drawings were fashion-inspired in some way, as I am really focused on improving my style-illustrations for future fashion university applications. Hope you like:)  

 This first drawing is inspired by New York Fashion Week and how I envision the hectic backstage scene may look like. I decided to focus on one model (not specific to a show) and show her passing the time before walking down the runway on her phone. I really found this fun and different to draw, as I also got to practice a bit of my fonts as well.
  For my next fashion illustration  collection, I was really inspired by Native American cultures in early American history and this sketch-although I decided on not coloring it-was a way for me to practice and visualize the direction I may want to go in for the collection in the future:) 

 This last look was inspired by the photograph I had printed, as I rally wanted to practice drawing from photography. 🙂 I really tried to experiment with a style I usually won’t draw with here, attempting to draw a more realistic face rathe than a really cartoon-ish one I always portray, and I also decided on shading in her skin grey to really make the clothing pop. 

What do you guys think? If you have any ideas for what you want me to draw next, I would love to hear! 



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