A Disney-Themed Halloween Costume! 

Keeping with the spirit of October, I decided that I would try to fit in some Halloween posts and costume ideas! Today, I really wanted to show you a look that you can easily DIY without spending a lot of cash on a one time-ensemble. In this case, it’s the infamous Disney villan herself: Ursula! I really had fun re-creating this look, and hope you find it helpful as well:)

So, for this look, I wore a dress that was actually on super-sale at Deb. In the end, this prom dress which was originally around $60 came out to only 10! I paired it with a pair of black flats and decided to go with some rather crazy makeup😂 Although red lips and blue eyeshadow are always seen as an obvious bad idea, I felt it fit for this costume, also remember to add a birthmark! 

Hope you all liked this look/found it inspiring:) Next time, I’ll be covering my favorite look yet: Ariel! (Keeping with the Disney theme)

Also, what are you guys planning on being on Halloween?! I would love to hear in the comments below:) 

XOXO, Nessa:) 


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