OOTD: Fall Inspiration Lookbook Part #1

 Ello there beautiful people! I’m seriously so glad to be back and boggling as I do realize that I’ve been pretty lacking in posting as I used to. Alas however, I’m really going to attempt going back and posting not only more often, but at better quality:)

But anyways, today I really wanted to create a fall Lookbook. I see many bloggers and fashion bloggers showing their readers and audiences their style evolution every season, which I was really intrigued by, so here’s my take! Today, I’m sharing my first look in this Fall Inspiration collection, and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas for your outfits as well:). 

  I’m pretty obsessed with hats..like…a lot! So, I was so excited when I bought this oversized floppy hat made out of a felt material. Since its black, I feel like it would still be appropriate for fall, and I’ve seen many fashion bloggers also wearing a similar look, that inspired me to do the same.  

 Not sure if you noticed either, but if you have read my blog before (Thank you by the way!) then you may have seen a difference in my outfit photos:). Besides changing location to a less distracting background, I ended up playing a bit with lighting, using extra flashlights and natural light to get a clearer shot.

But, returning from my tangent, here I’m wearing this light blue…coat? Haha I might have forgotten exactly what I should call this, so I’ll just say outerwear😂. Anyways, I really liked wearing this with a pair of black tights and some Doc Martens because it really made it look less like a..robe! This first time I tried this on, it did look much like a robe, but I finally paired it in a way that it looks more on trend for today. Hopefully these will still be in style for the next could’ve of months! 

So that was it for today! Check back tomorrow  for my next look! 

XOXO, Nessa:) 


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