OOTD: Fall Inspiration Lookbook: Part #2!

Hey there everyone! Today, I’ll be sharing my second look in my fall inspiration outfit posts, so if you want to see my other look that I posted yesterday, you can check it out here:  Click🙂 

This outfit is perfect if you live in a state where it’s already chilly in the early fall, which I can definitely relate to the most, so I will more than likely be wearing this look a lot this fall. 

 So, here I’m wearing this varsity jacket with some leather arms which I thought was super cute and added to the edgy look I wanted to go for:) I’m wearing this cropped top that I absolutely love, and although you can’t see it in these photos, I have detailing on the sides with shoelace-inspired ties. To make up for the cropped top, I paired the look with some high waited navy pants to make it a more appropriate look for the fall. I’m also wearing a pair of low brown boots, adding a bit of color to a rather black and white look. 

And that was it! Check back tomorrow for yet another look from my Fall Inspiration Lookbook! 🙂 

XOXO, Nessa:)


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