Fashion Inspiration Lookbook: Outfit #4:) 

 I’m not quite sure if I’ll be posting another outfit for this Lookbook in particular, but here is look number 4! It’s absolutely one of my favorites partly because of the inclusion of my favorite Bethany Mota collection top!   

  At many times, unfortunately, it feels as if it’s already winter, so if you want an outfit that is warm enough but still doesn’t make you look too covered up, this is a great option:) Here, I wore this owl Aztec printed long sleeve, from the 1st Bethany Mota holiday collection, and I paired it with my FAVORITE skirt ever! I also wore some black tights and black boots with a matching beenie to complete the look. I really thought that this was one of the most practical outfits and I hope some of my ideas in this series have been helpful! 

XOXO, Nessa.  


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