OOTD: Fashion Lookbook Part #3:) 

Welcome back to my Lookbook series! If you haven’t checked out my other two looks from the last few days then go check them out for some more inspiration:) For today’s look I definitely wanted to focus on the more comfortable looks that you guys can wear this season, so that’s what I had In mind while putting this look together.    

So, for this outfit, I’m wearing a black oversized sweater with a really cute red lip detail which I love since I’m forever obsessed with red lipstick 😂. I paired this with a pair of super soft black tights and black tie-up boots. If you’re looking for a cute look that won’t make you look too bulky for the colder fall weather, then opting for a sweater thick enough for skipping a jacket would be a perfect choice!

Hope you enjoyed! Check back for tomorrow for another outfit post!

Thanks for reading, guys:)

XOXO, Nessa.



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