I haven’t posted in 1 month?! No!! 

So…basically I’ve just realized that I haven’t blogged in a month, but instead of making a plethora of excuses as I so usually catch myself doing, I decided I would update you all with my drawings:) I hope that with this unexpected tangent that I’ve taken, I will still have readers who still enjoy my context, and I do apologize for being so inconsistent lately. Anyways, here are some of the drawings I’ve posted on Instagram put never got to upload here. 


 This first photo is one that I drew from the Instagram account of Lacie, one of the Top 4 Finalists from Americas Next Top Model Cycle 22. (And last cycle ever:() She was one of my top 2 favorites since the show began, and I just had to draw her! (Side note: ultimate favorite was always Nyle and I’m still extremely happy that he won!)   

 If you’ve been reading my blog for a couple of months now, you may have noticed that I have quite the obsession with Dr.Who. (It’s kind of a big deal.) Anyways, as any Whovian would naturally do, I drew one of my favorite Who companions Clara Oswald pictured here. (Also if anyone here also watches Dr.Who, then 1st of all; Yaaass! And second: yes, yes I did draw her because I was the saddest ever with Face the Raven and I was relieved to see her in episodes after!) 

   Of course, at the end of the day I always seem to resort to cartoon-sequel portrait drawings, and here’s another to add to the never-ending collection I guess😂. Apparently, she looks like Adele (or so I’ve heard!) but I don’t quite see it…
  this next one is very recent, and it took FOREVER to complete, but I’m quite pleased with the end result, and it’s one of the only times I actually filled up the whole page with a drawing! Finally, for my last drawing! This one is actually my favorite of them all,and I’m not sure if it’s because of excessive editing before I uploaded this, but the hair looks so cool and I’m so happy with how it turned out😊😊.
I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll hopefully be posting soon!



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