Music Mood: Fashion Week Edition…

  In anticipation for fashion week reviewing, I wanted to share a quick little post with you all, for all of the music I’ll be listening to during fashion week/ while reviewing. The majority of these songs have a fashion-esque style for the runway, and others simply inspire me to write. But, with that being said, here’s my list!  

(Songs are liked to their YouTube videos, if you’d like to listen:))

Years and Years-King

I’m An Albatraoz– AronChupa

Shooting Stars– Bag Raiders

East of Eden– Zella Day

Golden– Parade of Lights


Kanye-The Chainsmokers

Our Own House– Misterwives

Naive– The Kooks

Sleepyhead– Passion Pit

Bad– The Cab

Help Our Souls– Nihils 

Up We Go– Lights 

Reverse– SomeKindaWonderful 

Doses and Mimosas– Cherub

Long Way Down– Robert DeLong



4 Last Minute 4th of July Outfits!!

  Hello my amazing readers! Today, I really wanted to share with you a rather useful post that is extremely last-minute, which I’m also sorry is coming out so late! I got to thinking that a huge part of the 4th of July is showing patriotism through clothing! So, because of that, here are 4 outfit ideas great for the 4th of July today!

  I’m from the Chicago area, and sometimes the weather here is really sporadic in the Windy City. That’s why, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and wear an outfit suitable for any temperature we may face! If you live in conditions as those here, then this outfit is for you! Wearing a leather jacket on top of a light cami makes it more acceptable for the summer, and the high waited sorts gives the outfit a bit more styling. I wore all black to highlight the American Flag cap (that I have literally been waiting for all year to wear!) and the makeup. Although it’s not so clear, I am wearing a red, white and blue lipstick. Basically, I wore 3 colors in vertical lines to give a “flag look”. I also added a pair of blue glasses and a patriotic star face painting for a bit more fun on a rather simple outfit.

  If the day is a bit more warm, this is perfect for a day spent on a celebratory picnic or to go and watch fireworks at night! Although red, white and blue are not prominent here, I added makeup that would add more spirit. Since it is not a very clear picture, I basically went ahead and drew a blue star on one cheek, and 4 red lines on the other to portray a flag as well. To make the outfit moe fun, I added this oversized bow from Forever 21!

  If you want a very casual outfit, then here is a very comfortable yet still festive ensemble for just relaxing with friends and family this 4th of July. When you think of patriotic superheroes, we usually think of Captain America and Superman. So this top is an ode to both, and adding a blue skirt and white sandals add to the overall American colors and look.

  You may remember this top from my other post not so long ago, but I needed to include it since it’s an AMERICAN FLAG!! This is probably the outfit I will end up wearing this Forth of July:) 

I hope you all found this post a bit helpful even though I know it is so last minute! Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment and tell my what you think:) I would love to hear! 


My Long List Of Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made

I’ve been blogging for a year now since yesterday, but to be honest not all of my trials were successful as I attempted to discover what I was trying to do with my blog: and I quickly discovered that many of thaw trials…were errors. But alas, even my most embarrassing mistakes should be shared in hopes of helping you and your blogs! So, here’s a list of the not-so-proud moments and low points in my blogging venture. Here’s what you probably…shouldn’t…do…

  • Writing blog posts or tags that I wasn’t passionate about, solely for the views.
  • Not putting thought into my blog name and what it means to me.
  • Rushing and stressing about posting as much as possible.
  • Not taking my own photography for my posts.
  • Letting others influence my own ideas, and not being true to myself.
  • Feeling pressured to portray a perfect fashion blogger life, I’m in no way near.
  • Taking advice too seriously, affecting me and my blog.
  • Writing only for the sake of it being an easy topic to write about. 
  • Focusing on the quantity of posts and not the quality. 
  • Having an over-blown ideal for what success meant for my blog. 
  • Being obsessed with gaining followers on social media for my blog, as I thought that would mean “success”. 
  • Not believing enough in myself or my blog.

I’ve made many mistakes as I found out what it meant to be a blogger, what it meant to influence others online, and how I wished to portray myself. But, for anyone who is a blogger out there who is reading this right now: We are part of the 5% of blogs that are still active! Don’t stop blogging like 95% eventually do because you keep making mistakes. I’m not proud of my line but I know that I learn from them and grow…and my blog grows with me. 

Want to share any of your blogging mistakes? Leave a comment below, and let’s laugh at how awesome we are now! No pressure though, only share if you want to:) 
XOXO, Nessa

5 Ways To Cope With Your Wanderlust, Without Traveling 

 (Photo Credit: Me! Haha, I thought I would save some time on making another “Attempts At Drawing” post) 

Traveling. It’s one of the things I have always wanted to do, but haven’t truly experienced yet. There are just some people that no matter how much you travel, you have endless curiously to see the world. To step out of the seemingly-endless and monotonous routines is a welcomed break for us all. 

But, let’s face it: Sometimes travel is not an option to those with busy lives, schedules and responsibilties. I got to thinking then: why do I feel such an urge to pack my bags and leave to a different state…or country? What makes us all so wanderlust, and how can I deal with this feeling that I need to travel? Well, we shouldn’t feel this way. You see, I got to thinking, and I soon realized that there are so many memories to make in your own city. 

It’s the routine. It’s our everyday to-do list we go though that makes us forget about the magic our cities hold. I live in Chicago. Just how many restaurants, tour sites, stores and events have I experienced here? I’ve lived here all my life, yet I feel as if I have seen everything, but put into this perspective: you realize that there is so much more for you to discover.

Here are five ideas for you to deal with your urge to travel, and discover amazing inspiration in your own city. 

Stay In A Hotel. Have a staycation. Waking up in a different atmosphere, (and getting complimentary breakfast) gives you a mentality that you actually travelled. This is a perfect opportunity for you if have a busy schedule and could only fit a weekend of relaxation. It cuts the costs of plane/train tickets and gas money, and allows you to focus more on the experience than the transportation and cost!

Tour Your Own City. Pretend you’re tourist and explore anything you might have overlooked because you’re so accoustumed to seeing everyday. Visit a museum, take a boat ride, explore heart of year city where everyone is. Surround yourself with the full-of-life atmosphere the tourists around you feel. View your hometown as a tourist would be seeing your city for the first time: sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to see your surroundings as completely different as you once saw them. 

Become A Photographer. Or in other words, take a camera with you in every day life. Although we have our phone cameras readily available, there’s just something about having an actual camera with you, that inspires you more to capture the special moments. Its so easy to find inspiration everyday, you just have to look for it! 

Explore A New Place. Whether it be a new restaurant or a store, you may have overlooked actually exploring it: now is your chance! Ask yourself: Would someone visiting find this fun? If the answer is yes, then do it! Never be afraid of looking like you can’t do something because you’ll look like an annoying tourist. If that’s what you look like, don’t worry about what others think:)

Just Explore. Take a walk. Go to a garden. Walk around the city and look at the buildings. Sit down on a bench with a good book. Have an outdoor picnic. Go on a bike ride. Do something that you wouldn’t have done if you didn’t put the effort into making your day a bit brighter. It will make all the difference. 

XOXO, Nessa

When Architecture Inspires…

  I’ve always looked to nature for inspiration when I’m trying to design a fashion collection. (Granted, I only draw it, and then never create it). However, I guess it just dawned on me that I’ve never even considered how architecture can be of such an inspiration, as I thought while I scrolled down the usual photos on my Pinterest. So, I sought to change this, and finally began to research. And what I found? Amazed me. Seriously. Who knew there was such a great field of art waiting for me to discover that I never gave a second thought to? 

I began to research different types of architecture from different time periods: Bahaus, Art Deco, Baroque, Neo-Classical and basically everything under the sun. (Ok, maybe not everything.) I found that I was most intrigued by the aged-abandoned city look, focusing on the rustic details on doors, windows and other exteriors. It’s amazing how you are instantly inspired when you look at architecture. When I think of drawing my next fashion collection, I now have a clearer view than ever before on where to go with my inspirations and how to translate in into my vision and aesthetic. 

Here are some of the photos I was inspired by: 


I have such a clear picture of what I would like my final clothing pieces to look like, and I haven’t even drawn a single sketch yet! But, I guess that’s how you know that you’ve done enough research. So, on to the fun part: drawing the collection. I hope to share my final drawings in a couple of week, so stay tuned for that:)

(Oh, and of course shoutout to my *mother* for helping my put my art desk together, where I’ll be drawing this collection on!)

Thanks for reading! 

XOXO, Nessa

(Almost forget! If you would like to see a room tour, comment below and I’ll be sure to remember to post it!)  

When You Can’t Afford Your Dream Room

I can’t even begin to tell you how long it’s been since I last redecorated my room, and being a Pinterest fanatic, scrolling through hundreds of fashion blogger-Esque room inspiration makes me want to fill my online Anthropology Cart, or the like. But, in interest of not wanting to end up broke, I’ll settle with these photos…for now:) 

Here’s a bit of my room ideas I plan on making my bedroom look like, inspired from fellow fashion bloggers<3   

Honestly this is decoration-perfection and I honestly don’t know how you even get anything done in this room…like I would just stare at the amount of amazingness for hours😂! But as much as I wish one of these rooms would magically become my own, I’ll settle for some inspiration. So, I’ve compiled some more practical ideas to use in my bedroom to get a similar, but more affordable look:


White Paint: My room-nay-the WHOLE HOUSE- is currently painted a dull beige-orange color and its kind of sad to look at:/ Although, my mother insists it is not orange, but in fact a beige or even a color somehow close to white…like what? Anyways, I don’t see it and it’s would be of great relief to me if at least my bedroom would be of a not-so-orange-tinted color. Ah yes, that would make my day. Aside from this, having white walls allows for your room to look wider, brighter, and cleaner! (Plus you can add any colorful furniture or prints, without making it clash with the wall color).

Office Chair: (along with a nice/simple desk) Honestly, I would probably continue to blog on my phone -not on a laptop-and on my bed-instead of a desk…for like ever. (Which I’m pretty much currently doing right now, and I have yet to blog at my desk and laptop…) It’s certainly something I want to change, and blogging on a fashion-looking desk and fancy chair…well…it probably pretty cool! I really love the white-on white furniture to wall look, as I currently have way too much going on in my room:/ 

Wall Mirror: Yes! I’m probably going to be buying this first, because I currently don’t own a mirror (since I broke my last one-and NO I don’t think I have bad luck for 7 years or something!!) and I really want to be able to have a full length one again! I’m probably looking at getting a larger/taller mirror than average…for OOTD’s for this blog:)

Decorative Flowers: (Its the springtime..(and Easter today!) so I really want my room to keep up with the season. I love flowers, but I’m not so sure I would be so good at keeping up with them, watering them etc., so I really like what one of the photos did above: fake flowers with water in the case to make it appear realistic…love it! Pink and white flowers are most likely my go to colors to try this with the Spring:)

Vanity: I don’t wear makeup. But…yeah I guess I don’t really need one. 😦 But, for the sake of trying to be at least the slightest of helpful to you guys who are reading, I really think that it is worth investing in if you do I fact wear makeup. It’s nice to be able to invest into quality furniture when you know it’ll be put to good use! So, instead of using a small bathroom mirror or the like, why not buy a vanity? (They’ll look so elegant in your room!) 

Artwork Decor: Even though my room has a long way to go until it looks even remotely similar to the photos above, I do have fashion artwork all over my room right now. (Well, mine at least, and a couple of others!) But, I think that decorations are what really bring a room’s theme together. Just picture the photos without the art decor: not so great now…Buying artwork can become expensive quickly…so I advise you , if you want a similar look, (and I’m taking my advice as well) to maybe buy some affordable frames and then ask your local printers to print your photos in a larger size. This will save you about $20 a piece, depending on the initial cost you’d find for an Etsy print. 

Fun Light Fixture: Because nothing makes your room look fancier than a chandellier…(even if the diamonds are totally fake!) Although I probably won’t be getting a light fixture anytime soon, I do think that this is probably the biggest accessory you can change in any room that would make the most difference. I personally love the more eccentric/ less traditional form of chadeliers…and would opt for a more unique type that leaves interesting shadows and such. But that’s just me! 🙂

Welp, that’s all I have to say today, but let me know what you guys think about room redo’s! Any ideas great for spring decorating, or tips on making your bedroom more chic? Please feel free to leave a comment below telling me, I love to read your comments! ❤

XOXO, Nessa:)

16 Things I’ve Learned In 16 Years

Today, the 26th of March,  is finally the day that I go ahead and change all of my social media bio pages (and this blog) from: “15 year old fashion blogger” to 16. It’s my birthday! This past year has definitely felt like it want by fast, and I thought I would share some things I’ve learned during these past 16 years, I think is still good advice to anyone at any age. Hope you find this a bit inspiring or helpful:) 

1) Appreciate the small and special moments in your life, you want to remember. 

2) Don’t let anyone interfere or influence your beliefs. 

3) Don’t be afraid of change, because it’s inevitable.
4) As hard it may be sometimes, don’t compare yourself so much. It’s amazing how happy you can be, once you simply…stop.
5) Take advice from your parents, because they know what they’re talking about, and you haven’t been though it yet.
6) Don’t wait for the right moment for anything. There will never be a perfect moment, but it becomes perfect in you memories once you make it happen. 
7) Missing someone only makes the heart grow stronger.  
8) You have the freedom to choose your own destiny and each and every one of us can do great things. Don’t sell yourself short.
9) Don’t judge. You wouldn’t want someone to judge you behind your back, when you can’t defend yourself. 
10) Never give up. If something doesn’t work out, there are still countless other ways II haven’t tried.
11) Friendships define who you are. Choose the good ones and be grateful you have them. 
12) Don’t hold a grudge. Be willing to forgive, just like someone was able to apologize to you.
13) Don’t be someone your not. Once you do, it’s almost impossible to show people who you really are. 
14) Don’t let a lie weigh you down, because the truth really will set you free. 
15) Never let yourself believe that you are worth less than someone else. Everyone is equal. 
16) Always follow your dreams. Because its 1000 times better to fail and know you tried, than regretting never trying at all. 

20 Reasons I Need Feminism…And Why You Should Too


 (Image Source:Huffington Post)

You know, I think it’s not the fact that so many say we don’t need feminism, that really disappoints me every time, but it’s the simple notion that (a sadly large amount) of men don’t believe in equality. Now, if you ask a man, in say…a poll this question: Do you think all people are equal”, I bet that the vast majority would say yes…without a doubt. However, when asked if they identified as a feminist, they would deny the idea as a silly inclination, saying only women can be feminists, almost…offended, to hear the word “feminism” as if it were some radical idea. I don’t know…I guess it’s just so disappointing that by this age, as much as we have accomplished, there is still a long way to go. 

So, why do we need feminism? 
Because in every occupational field, women are still being payed much less than men…for the same labor. 
Because although women make up half of the worlds population, only 20% of the Congress represents us.
Because, feminism encourages a woman to be in control of her own life, make her own choices: whether  it’s the workforce or homemaking: because it recognized a woman’s power to do both. 
Because 70% of women in the U.S. workforce are mothers, and yet we have no national paid leave child care policy. The U.S is the only major industrialized nation without paid family leave. Why is this?
Because, worldwide, more girls have been killed in the last fifty years, precisely because they were girls, than men were killed in all the wars of the twentieth century.
Because feminism encourages you-not as a woman-but as a human being-to look and behave  in a way you feel comfortable. To not be restricted in a stereotype. 

Because the stereotype is causing women to form unhealthy ideals they think they should meet, only because the media portrays them as ” not good enough”

Because in only about four minutes, 100 women will be victims of domestic violence. 

Because in only the last five years, more girls were killed than all men in all wars combined…simply because they were women. 
Because women in all countries should have the freedom to pursue an education, and not be threatened with violence for doing so.
Because patriarchy is alive an in our society today…it’s everywhere.
Because women should be respected and not treated as a man’s property…like giving up your last name in marriage. First your fathers, then husbands property…now does that seem right?
Because we don’t want to lose our rights we worked so hard to finally receive. 
Because women with dreams and ambitions should not be looked down upon as simply a hopeless dreamer.
Because we shouldn’t feel obligated to achieve a certain beauty standard, men don’t have to worry about. 
Because only 29% of women identify as a feminist: now explain to me: how are we subordinate to men? Really? 
Because people have a negative image the media portrays of feminists as man-hating and masculine-looking: there is no “look”
Because when a woman is a victim of rape, she is seen as the one at fault. That they…should have been more careful. 
Because our society is leaving a bleak future for women in generations to come.
And finally, 
Because why should we allow our gender to determine our futures? 
This is why I need feminism. Why women all over the world need feminism. How about you? Feel free to comment below. 
It’s 2015: It’s time we realize gender equality. 

Never Give Up On You’re Dreams: Here’s Why…

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I found myself in my high school counselors office looking down to the floor of the small dark room. I wore a puzzled look as I thought hard about the question I had just been asked: “Well, you’re classes should mirror what you want for your future. What career plans do you have in mind?” Fashion designer I said to myself. But I had given up on saying that ever again to my counseler, as the school just…doesn’t believe in their students as much as they should. Even if they truly think that not one of us could succeed: why crush our dreams before we even take the first step? Before we even attempt?

Well I’m also interested in becoming a lawyer… I say blandly. I’m not really interested in that career choice, but I see him pay more attention suddenly. He sits up I his chair, and scrolls down my schedule he had on his laptop.

“I suggest you take some AP history courses. In the future, you can end up saving some money…and I see you already have that set up. I suggest French rather than the art course you mentioned earlier.” I was crushed. I really wanted that art course and it seemed like I couldn’t get through to him to take the one class I really wanted next year.

Well can I take art as Night School? I ask, almost sounding too excited for the course. “Uh no, we only have night school for the real courses” Seriously? Real courses? They’re all real courses! I leave the counselors’ room with something short of a mumbled goodbye and a half-heated thank you.

Now, sure that course might not have been needed to pursue a career that I wanted, but it was something that I was sure I wanted, but wasn’t allowed to get. The counselor actually looked genuinely concerned as if I would never make it. I struggled to listen as he talked me through his career suggestions I clearly wasn’t interested in.

Now, I’m no expert at all, and I haven’t experienced enough of life to tell you what you should do, but I do know this for a fact: I don’t want to be stuck in a classroom for 12 years. Graduate. Go to another school for 4+ years. Graduate. And then get a job for 40! And then? Retire. What part of that sounds fun? To anyone?! I don’t want a boring desk job, and everyone always says that life is to short to be doing what we don’t enjoy, so what are we all doing?

I’m always so inspired by these success stories of individuals who are not only happy with their lives, but are being productive and doing something with themselves that makes them fell like they’re helping their communities or even countries. Mine is much simpler, though. I want to design. It can be any other professor for you. Singing? Dancing? Anything. If you can’t go one day without thinking about that passion then guess what you should do? Follow it. Don’t let anyone stop you because guess what else? That passion is called your calling. So go prove to not only those around you that you can do it, like I want to prove to the counselor, or my family: but do it to prove to yourself. To prove that you are good enough. You are adequate. You are original and unique and you have something that no one else has, and so you make sure that you don’t sell yourself short because it’s a cold hard fact that every single individual had something to offer to this world.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because we all know that no moment will ever be it. Take what you have, and work to the top until you’ve make it. Because if there is one thing I know that is true: If you NEVER give up, you WILL eventually succeed. So keep trying. I will too. Let’s make our dreams come true together.