Fashion Inspiration Lookbook: Outfit #4:) 

 I’m not quite sure if I’ll be posting another outfit for this Lookbook in particular, but here is look number 4! It’s absolutely one of my favorites partly because of the inclusion of my favorite Bethany Mota collection top!   

  At many times, unfortunately, it feels as if it’s already winter, so if you want an outfit that is warm enough but still doesn’t make you look too covered up, this is a great option:) Here, I wore this owl Aztec printed long sleeve, from the 1st Bethany Mota holiday collection, and I paired it with my FAVORITE skirt ever! I also wore some black tights and black boots with a matching beenie to complete the look. I really thought that this was one of the most practical outfits and I hope some of my ideas in this series have been helpful! 

XOXO, Nessa.  


OOTD: Fashion Lookbook Part #3:) 

Welcome back to my Lookbook series! If you haven’t checked out my other two looks from the last few days then go check them out for some more inspiration:) For today’s look I definitely wanted to focus on the more comfortable looks that you guys can wear this season, so that’s what I had In mind while putting this look together.    

So, for this outfit, I’m wearing a black oversized sweater with a really cute red lip detail which I love since I’m forever obsessed with red lipstick 😂. I paired this with a pair of super soft black tights and black tie-up boots. If you’re looking for a cute look that won’t make you look too bulky for the colder fall weather, then opting for a sweater thick enough for skipping a jacket would be a perfect choice!

Hope you enjoyed! Check back for tomorrow for another outfit post!

Thanks for reading, guys:)

XOXO, Nessa.


OOTD: Fall Inspiration Lookbook: Part #2!

Hey there everyone! Today, I’ll be sharing my second look in my fall inspiration outfit posts, so if you want to see my other look that I posted yesterday, you can check it out here:  Click🙂 

This outfit is perfect if you live in a state where it’s already chilly in the early fall, which I can definitely relate to the most, so I will more than likely be wearing this look a lot this fall. 

 So, here I’m wearing this varsity jacket with some leather arms which I thought was super cute and added to the edgy look I wanted to go for:) I’m wearing this cropped top that I absolutely love, and although you can’t see it in these photos, I have detailing on the sides with shoelace-inspired ties. To make up for the cropped top, I paired the look with some high waited navy pants to make it a more appropriate look for the fall. I’m also wearing a pair of low brown boots, adding a bit of color to a rather black and white look. 

And that was it! Check back tomorrow for yet another look from my Fall Inspiration Lookbook! 🙂 

XOXO, Nessa:)

OOTD: Fall Inspiration Lookbook Part #1

 Ello there beautiful people! I’m seriously so glad to be back and boggling as I do realize that I’ve been pretty lacking in posting as I used to. Alas however, I’m really going to attempt going back and posting not only more often, but at better quality:)

But anyways, today I really wanted to create a fall Lookbook. I see many bloggers and fashion bloggers showing their readers and audiences their style evolution every season, which I was really intrigued by, so here’s my take! Today, I’m sharing my first look in this Fall Inspiration collection, and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas for your outfits as well:). 

  I’m pretty obsessed with…a lot! So, I was so excited when I bought this oversized floppy hat made out of a felt material. Since its black, I feel like it would still be appropriate for fall, and I’ve seen many fashion bloggers also wearing a similar look, that inspired me to do the same.  

 Not sure if you noticed either, but if you have read my blog before (Thank you by the way!) then you may have seen a difference in my outfit photos:). Besides changing location to a less distracting background, I ended up playing a bit with lighting, using extra flashlights and natural light to get a clearer shot.

But, returning from my tangent, here I’m wearing this light blue…coat? Haha I might have forgotten exactly what I should call this, so I’ll just say outerwear😂. Anyways, I really liked wearing this with a pair of black tights and some Doc Martens because it really made it look less like a..robe! This first time I tried this on, it did look much like a robe, but I finally paired it in a way that it looks more on trend for today. Hopefully these will still be in style for the next could’ve of months! 

So that was it for today! Check back tomorrow  for my next look! 

XOXO, Nessa:) 

A Bit Late, But Here’s What I Wore For Halloween! 

   I did mention in my last post that I wanted to share my actual Halloween costume, so here it is! I went the DIY route this year, and it was so fun to recreate the look of Ariel in normal everyday clothing:) it’s a bit more appropriate for going anywhere, as you don’t look too out of place if you’re dressed up a bit early in the day, and still festive enough for the holiday. So, for this look, I wore a long sleeve purple blouse and some green jeans. I wore a red wig, since last year’s attempt at Ariel ended with a fail spray paint red hair😂. I paired the look with some suspenders and some black glasses (not in the picture) to give the look a more “nerdy Ariel” feel, that I always see on tumblr and thought it would be really fun to recreate! 

So, that’s it for this post guys! I know it was late but my phone ran out of battery yesterday so I couldn’t post😂 What do you wear yesterday for Halloween? I would love to hear! 

XOXO, Nessa:) 

A Disney-Themed Halloween Costume! 

Keeping with the spirit of October, I decided that I would try to fit in some Halloween posts and costume ideas! Today, I really wanted to show you a look that you can easily DIY without spending a lot of cash on a one time-ensemble. In this case, it’s the infamous Disney villan herself: Ursula! I really had fun re-creating this look, and hope you find it helpful as well:)

So, for this look, I wore a dress that was actually on super-sale at Deb. In the end, this prom dress which was originally around $60 came out to only 10! I paired it with a pair of black flats and decided to go with some rather crazy makeup😂 Although red lips and blue eyeshadow are always seen as an obvious bad idea, I felt it fit for this costume, also remember to add a birthmark! 

Hope you all liked this look/found it inspiring:) Next time, I’ll be covering my favorite look yet: Ariel! (Keeping with the Disney theme)

Also, what are you guys planning on being on Halloween?! I would love to hear in the comments below:) 

XOXO, Nessa:) 

OOTD: In All Black 

I always feel inclined to wear all black, and now that it’s fall, it finally fits in well with the season…and for that I am so relieved to say. For this look, I tried to keep it a bit more accesorized and interesting even though I have a full one-color look…

 I’m wearing this really fun purple lipstick that I love! (Although, it does tend to be a bit messy to apply, as it is liquid-based). A also took advantage of the fall season, to finally know that this hat is suitable: what a joy that is.😂 

Here are where you can get there items:

Jacket: Nordstrom 

Shoes: Doc Martens

Leggings: Nordstrom  


OOTD: For The Love of Plaid

Plaid has been my favorite pattern for the longest time-maybe even forever😂. So, naturally I had to post an ootd featuring my favorite print. I decided to pair this faux-leather skirt to give the boxy top a bit more of a girly shillohette but still having an edge to it. I rather like this look, and yes this also means that I’m quite disappointed with the fact that I can’t really wear this outfit for the fall season :/  

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: forever 21

Shoes: Bakers


OOTD: Bringing Boho Back

 When the boho trend first resurfaced around the middle of last year, I really wasn’t a fan of it. Maybe it was my strong opinion of dislike towards the stereotypical 70s look we’ve seen so much of, or maybe it’s just because I always think of wide-legged pants…but at the instance I didn’t really like it.

That didn’t last really long, and for whatever reason, everytime I entered a store, their window displays and looks that were featured at the front of the shop started to look better to me! (Yeah it’s kinda weird I guess) I tried to bring a little inspiration and recreate a look with a more toned down feel of boho. Hope you like it:)   

Fringe Top: …not sure:/

Leggings: Nordstrom 

Necklace: forever 21

Shoes: Timberland