My NYFW Review: Desigual 

(On a random note before I start my review, if any of you know how to pronounce this label, I would be grateful for your knowledge😂…is it De-see-gul? Or maybe…de-see-goo-al..? I have no idea…) 

Okay, well anyways here’s my review:

I really loved every single look that walked down the runway this season for Desigual, and I’ll be the first to admit that this is in fact the first of this brands’ collections that I’ve not only reviewed, but also ever heard of! With that being said, I don’t really have any background knowledge about the label, its target audience, aesthetic etc. Therefore, it could pretty much be assumed that his review will be supported mainly by my own opinions. I’ll try to be as little as biased as I can. 🙂 

These three looks above are my absolute favorites, and it was quite difficult to narrow it down, even the the collection didn’t have over 60 looks. Even so, the line was able to capture so much in this small lineup, making a great first impression on me for sure. The first aspect I noticed here was the inspiration which I could only imagine borrowed from the middle eastern vibes and bright color scheme. I thought the looks were very fun and bold, and easily the prints were the focal point in this collection. 

Every look has a very fresh and new vibe to it, blended however with traditional, yet revamped- looks, such as the head peices. Overall, if you have asked me to describe in three words this collection, it would be: eclectic, eccentric and absolutely fearless. The bold mixture of print and color give this collection a carefree look, yet somehow remains cohesive in doing so. 

 One particular detail I really can appreciate  from this lineup, is how easily you can see each peice is truly ready-to-wear. In comparison to other designers-although with breathtaking gowns and eccentric accessories that seem to come straight out of a Star Wars movie-this is truly what this season is about. I can definitely already see department stores stocking up on looks such as these very close in the future. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the one thing everyone remembered most from this collection: the models with…selfie sticks. Now, like many people, I’m not really a fan of this selfie-crazed market, but at the same time I could see how by having this aspect tied into the collection was not only another bold move, but may aid in the label’s outreach into a younger market. 

  I think it’s safe to say that this Spanish brand is one that I’ll absolutely look forward to seeing from now on, as I always love to leash about new labels and this was one of the highlight of the opening days of NYFW. It’s the eclectic nature and highly cultured inspiration that brings such life and fun into this collection, that I fell in love with. It’s the use of decorative Mohawks, and headphones, it’s the wide array of patterned shoes, and color blocking. And it’s the fact that I can easily tell why Iris Apfel attended this show in particular: it is most certainly her style. 

To wrap up this review, I would say that if you want to stand out, and live to make fashion statements and risks, than this collection is perfect for you. If you like more toned down as sophisticated looks however, as the orange lipstick may not be at your liking. As everything, it comes down to personal taste and opinion. Mine however is definitely at a positive note:)
Rating: 4.6/5  



NYFW Review: Nicole Miller

Nicole Millers collection this season for New York Fashion Week was certainly one of the standouts for me personally. With its grunge and gritty vibe, this definitely coincided with my personal taste. Here’s my review on the outstanding lineup…

  By first glance, it’s apparent that Miller’s sole inspiration for this collection was graffiti and street art in general, with these opening looks. This featured print definitely had a New Yorker street style vibe to it, which was meant to be the style that the label went for this year, creating a new younger audience and coustumer base to her brand. 

Mentioning the fact that she looks at things “quite literally”, Millers aesthetic shines though this collection. However, at the same time, this review wouldn’t be quite complete without a mention to what everyone fashion-knowing person is thinking this season…it hardly seems as if the same designer has debuted this collection! Although I completely agree with this statement (I myself excepting impeccable silhouettes, with clean and crisp looks, and a simple color scheme with bold colors), I also think however that changes as these are what make the designer and brand grow. I’m absolutely all for it, and more of a fan than I already was before! 

  Coming back to my past tangent, as I mentioned before, her collection was heavily inspired by graffiti. The brick wall underlay is a touch that makes the reference both literal as well as giving the peices a pleated effect which I thought looked very interesting on the runway. I am not certain about the fabric that was used for the jumper and top on the third look, but I love how it resembles denim…it’s the upscale version of it I would have to guess. 😂 

I am such a fan of these buckles used on the straps as seen in the third look in the photos above, and another look in the collection. I just think it gives the collection a very playful 90s feel to a rather bold look. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing looks similar to these quite soon. 

  Going on further in the lineup, we reach this black and white pallete after a rather bold couple of looks. However, although not as colorful, they maintain to the standard and are just as bold. I am absolutely in love with this street style look, and it really shines through on the looks above. Sporting chumky patterned gym shoes and caps with formal skirts and work tops really give these looks an edge to a rather normal everyday look. 
 Perhaps the most feminine of the looks this season, we have these three beautiful prints to accompany the graffiti featured pattern. Although not entirely cohesive in print and cut, I can see the connection with a very similar buyer for all of these looks. With the extremes in different silohettes  and transitions from gym shoes and heels…the whole collection is definitely a risk, but nevertheless an overall great and original breath of fresh air to the label. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Any other collections for NYFW you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments! Also, what did you think about this collection? I’d love to hear your opinions:)  


NYFW Review: BCBG Max Azria    

  To kick of my reviews this fashion week, I decided on beginning with BCBG Max Azria. So, let’s get started! 

So, the first thought that came through my mind when the first looks began to walk the runway was: “Boho-chic”. And rightfully so, as after the show and a bit of pre-research, I found that this was the trend that BCBG really wanted to capture this season. In any department and mainstream store you walk into lately, boho is certainly the standout style this year, and from the debut, I think it’s safe to assume that this trend is not going anywhere for quite some time.

What I love particularly about these looks are the girly vibe each clothing item has on its own. Every piece is very versatile and easily whereable for an every day look, but still keeps its chic designer finish. I’ve personally been into boho lately, and honestly I never really felt that this label coincided with my own style…but this season gave me a new perspective for the ever-evolving brand..and needless to say, I love their re-invented aesthetic and can only hope that it continues through their next season. 

Perhaps favorite look was the middle photo, above. I absolutely love the cut of the blouse, and the sinching at the wrists with this very thin and semi-translucent fabrics give the look a very playful yet feminine look. I also enjoyed seeing the return of these leg-warmer inspire socks, yet another aspect of BCBG’s 70’s inspiration. 

Oh, and the bucket hats. Can we just take a moment to talk about them? Love it. Seriously. And the funny thing is, I always considered the shape of these hats to seem a bit childish, but somehow, I really loved these.

Anyways, I feel like these looks will defiantly resurface by the time coachella rolls around again, as these looks truly compliment the California laid/back summer style. (A destination Lubov Azria was herself was inspired by for this collection). So, get ready to see a lot of bucket hats, leg warmers and Aztec prints very soon!

Although this collection was no-doubt a California inspired lineup, I couldn’t help but be drawn to these three looks above. I was very happy to see a darker and more colorful side to BCBG’s usual all-while and neutral color pallete. It was a very refreshing difference, and I think that this move really widens the market for more girls that are more edgy and love the peices above such as this beautiful gold blazer and  oversized Aztec-printed outerwear number. 

Overall, the inspiration and laid back summer feel was perfectly captured in this collection, and with a widened color pallete and daring old trend-redesigns, I think really made this lineup one worth looking forward to. 

Rating: ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚪️ (4/5 stars) 

What would you rate this collection? I would love to hear what you thought! Leave it in the comments below, also let me know what other NYFW show you guys would like me to review next! New fashion show reviews coming soon!  


Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Dior: Resort 2016 Reviews 

  It just occurred to me that I haven’t posted runway reviews in what’s felt like forever! So, I’m taking advantage of having the newly released photos for Resort 2016, and finally posting on designers: Chanel, Bettega Venteta and Dior. 

 First up, we have the Bottega Veneta collection, that could very well be the simplest yet most thought out and planned collection in quite some time. Let me explain. Tomas Maier, (creative director) has that genius when it comes to sales. Many designers design for themselves. They send models down the runway that they personally love, without much thought about either what would sell, or what the public would want to see. Maier however, was inspired by not a foriegn country, architecture or muse like others are: but of the whether.

Although practical, it’s a factor too many designers don’t take into consideration. He designed this collection for the whether it debuted in, so his pieces were truly ready-to-wear. As for the design aspect, it was apparent that he wanted to protray a more masculine look, quite in these past couple of years. It featured an array of trousers and some sporty looks such as jackets and brightly-trimmed blazers.

I loved the color pallets of mainly red, turquoise, black and a cork-colored and patterned beige, and I think that the style was exactly what women are looking for today, as opposed to other collections that rarely cater this well to the consumer. I love how it’s apparent that he’s taking a women’s daily life into consideration while designing, and I think it’s what makes the label so successful. 

 Ah, the Dior collection, how I easily loved this collection the second I saw it. Somehow reminding me of “Clueless”, and of my love of plaid print, it also met all of my expections I had for the reknowned brand. The architectural- inspired collection was complemented well by its location in which the lineup debuted: Le Palais Bulles. It’s such an odd, quirky structure with a crazy design, but in the end only strengthens the appeal of this seasons Dior clothing.

As for the design aspect, it could be best described as a playful one. Abundant of knit and crochet pieces, the overal design still managed to have that level of maturity with a rather industrial feel, including silver and steel-appearances that juxtapose…well, the rest of the quirky collection. It was absolutely a surprise to many to see this easily apparent twist that separates this collection from those in the past: it’s not as mature. Which is something (at least I’m pretty sure!) everyone had no problem welcoming. Change is good, everyone. Change is good…*dramatic and slow transitional outro* (Sorry, but yes I had to do that…sorry)

  And of course, a season roundup will never truly be complete without a proper review to Chanel. Truly keeping to their well-known aesthetic and love for tweed, Langerfeld has proven once more his ability to reinvent their iconic style to something new and fresh. I was particularly intrigued by the first print that made its way into the runway: a bright, summer print of patchwork that in this particular design could only be found in Korea.

 And rightfully so as well, as Karl’s show in Seol focused on the inspiration of the ever so famous K-Pop culture, that he captured so perfectly and was praised for. The inspired-looks included a nod to the traditional Korean garb, shown through a “high empire line and flaring sleeves on full-silhouetted dresses.” ( 

Overall, the lengthy 96 outfit lineup had enough diversity in balance with a remaining cohesiveness, making this resort season a remarkable success. I personally loved this cruise-wear collection’s eccletic feel. It reminds me a lot of the 70s style, but re-invented. (As you have all probably noticed by now, walking into virtually any department store and seeing the 70s-infused pieces.) Although this style was never one of my favorites, I rather like how the Chanel brand was able to modernize the classic style.

XOXO, Nessa

What Designers Do You Fangirl Over?

Obsessing over fashion designers and every collection they debut, is an everyday occurrence for any fashion blogger….right? Finding a new designer that you absolutely adore, and somehow become infatuated with…even though you just discovered them. Yup. 

That’s me at least. 

Aaannd, then I proceed to learn everything about them, their inspiration, models, aesthetic..everything. Basically? I hope this isn’t just me who totally fangirls over designers and has mini-dance parties when a new collection comes out. Because if I am…that’s just embarrassing…
Anyways, on the off chance that you all do have some favorite special designers in mind, then this is for you! 

Here’s my TOP 10: (In no particular order)


Because Tom Ford is a perfect example of fashion luxury, and although actually affording one of the designers’ pieces is a dream…it’s still nice to imagine. The fact that the American fashion designer is a Parsons New School of Design alumni, (my dream school!) only makes me love the brand that much more! As for the design aspect, I think what makes me love the label so much is the high-fashion look of every collection. It had such a feel of the sophistication and luxury many always dream of having. Flipping thought the Tom Ford images on is enough for me to obsess either way! 

 Last year was without a doubt an amazing year for Balmain, as countless celebrities sported their-now famous-cheetah and studded leather dresses, such as the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. 2016 collection look like they’ll only have another strong year as well! So why do I love Balmain so much? It’s creative director Oliver Rousteing tbh. I’m not going to lie: before he took over as head designer of the fashion house at the young age of 26, Balmain wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. (And no his success isn’t just based off of his looks, even though he may be mistaken for a model of his own show at times…like probably) I think it’s the fact that he understands what people want to see, so well that Balmain has become a household brand name for many of us. It doesn’t hurt to get some promo from Nicki Minaj either! (*and when I’m done, I make him buy me Balmain!*) #obsessed 

 Whenever I think of Kate Spade, I think of eccentric, fun designs..and clutches! This is mostly due to the Spring 2015 collection in the photo above, but the designer never fails to add a lot of fun to her collections. The lineup is always colorful, playful and really appeals to me because unlike other more mature-based brands, Kate Spade is a designer you can definitely count on to have clothing fit to your age:) The reason I obsess so much about this designer is the type of lifestyle every collection shows. It tells a story of preppy American women who go to beaches and have barbecues. I think why Spade is such a popular and appealing designer is because of the timeless yet unique designs released each season. The result? A designer with one of the largest fan bases. (Myself included of course!) 
  What I love about Castelbajac’s designs is the fact that no one can recreate it: because the majority of his designs are his own artwork! Many of his paintings make their way into the runway, like his Spring 2014 collection for example. The fact that he does this, adds so much more originality into his work in comparison to other designers, which I absolutely love! And although his pop-culture filled designs and avant-garde designs weren’t as popular in the past, I’m so glad the label has grown now:)

I think at this point, it’s sort of cliche to name Jeremy Scott as one of my Top 10, but it’s with good reason: he’s a designer that can do two things extremely well: keep up with current trends and culture, and bring back old trends…while making both work! His famous Barbie inspired collection shown in the photo above pretty much summarizes the fact that he has such a happy and light feel about his clothing, which might be why his collections appeal so much to me:) One of the things many designers have been lacking lately is color: This is not a problem with Moschino however: why I love them ❤

I’ve written a couple of posts on Fausto Puglisi on this blog, and tbh you’ll probably see more in the future…why you may ask? Because they’re the best! I’ve drawn Puglisi-inspired fashion illustrations, watched basically every one of the label’s shows…yeah: #obsessed. I think in a way, Fausto designs clothing items that give me short-term nostalgia. Although confusing, it does make some sense. Every collection is somehow linked to the past one: for example the collection above has the same pleated skirts and warrior-style circle studded sandals the previous collection debuted! Or is that just me?

 I feel like if I was a professional tennis player or a wealthy city girl I would have a whole closet of just Elie Tahari. (Not sure why tennis player comes to mind though) It’s just that every collection seems to have this awesome sporty vibe, that I can almost picture this outfit amoung the NYC nightlife. (Particularly, their Resort 2015 collection) Will I every stop loving this label? No. No I will not. 

  Cavali is probably best known for his use of exotic prints: So I guess that sums up why I love every collection so much! I personally tend to love the “Just Cavalli” designs more. They have a younger feel to them, and when I say this, I honestly can say that I would wear everything from the collection! And that’s definitely saying something! But how is Roberto Cavalli able to create such perfect lineups? I don’t know, maybe because he’s from Florece, birthplace of the Renaissance!? Yeah, that’s probably not it..

   Alice and Olivia has such a playful aesthetic that is just so appealing to the eye. I absolutely adore how artistic-oriented the lineup always ends up being: full of life and character! I tend to love best the designers that aren’t afraid to use color and bold designs. Point in case in the photo above:) Hey, maybe I’ll end up writing an “Open-Letter” blog post to Stacey Bendet! (head designer/creative director)   

 *Oh Rodarte, how I love thee. Shall I name the ways!* So, let me start be saying that Rodarte is pretty much perfect. Ok cool so we all now know this. Seriously though, have you ever seen any other designers (or designer duo-hey there Kate and Laura Mulleavy!)  that created a collection, that was truly ready to wear? Can you picture yourself wearing the clothing items in real life? Because this is what the Califorina-based designers are proficient in: creating luxury designs that are still wearable and appropriate for real life. Need I say more, or are you obsessed now to? 🙂

So, maybe it’s not an obsession…exactly. What are some designers that you absolutely love? I would love to hear your comments below!

XOXO, Nessa:)

I’m On Youtube!

I finally did it! After almost 9 whole months of blogging and a lot of you guys encouraging me to start my own channel, I finally decided that it was time to upload a video. I wasn’t sure at first what I should do, or record for my first video, but I know I wanted to stay in the topic of fashion. So, since it is Fashion Week, I made some reviews on some of the collections from the first day! It was really fun to finally upload a video, and I hopefully have time to upload more this week.

So here is the link to my video:

Click Here! 🙂

I really hope you all watch it! Please like or leave a comment:) I really want to know if you liked it or have any suggestions for future reviews. Thank you!


Hey Look! It’s The Elie Saab Pre-Fall Collection:)

I want to start off by saying that I am usually not much of a fan of Saab collections as so many are, but this one personally surprised me! Past lineups of the designer are simply not my style but nonetheless, I still love how much detail goes into each of his designs. This season, I think that the one thing I personally enjoyed seeing was a different elegance in the clothing that we are not usually shown. If you recall any recent dress of Saab that walked down the runway, you would have been quick to notice the intricate beading and pastel shades. However, this Pre-Fall collection was definitely a fresh new inspiration we haven’t seen in the past.

The Pre-Fall Season is known for many designers: the extra line. The standby. The safe collection you know will sell. But, it’s as if Ellie Saab decided to treat Pre-Fall as Resort. It wasn’t exactly safe. The clothing line in general was quite unexpected, introducing new fabrics and design techniques. “Pre-collections are becoming increasingly important for the brand,” said Saab. “Our customers are constantly looking for standout and unique pieces.” From only the looks of it, I think this successfully achieved this goal.

The designer’s aesthetic was something that can be described as “folk reverie,” the main theme of the collection. So, it would explain the full skirts, harvest-inspired clothing, oh and fur—lots of it. Probably one of my favorite aspects of the lineup was the embroidered red and purple flowers/black lace texture, which I loved seeing because it was something different than his famous bead-work. Fox fur made for an extra accent to a rather dramatic floor-length black coat. There was also a beautiful cutout floral jacket with red-dyed lamb’s fur…the epitome of elegance. There was a sort of “folksy feeling” as described it, and I couldn’t agree more. The one thing is for sure though: Elie Saab is by far the master of evening wear! Overall, his collection was a very tasteful, new direction that was certainly something his costumer will be pleased with.

So, what do you think about this collection? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below:)


A Look At Markus Lupfer’s Pre-Fall’s Collection

Lupfer is known for his “refined, off duty look”  aesthetic, by several past seasons. They featured multiple slogan tee shirts, novelty sweaters and a variety of sparkle-infused clothing items. However, he went for a more sophisticated look this season, with a new focus on prints. (But, you can definitely tell the collection is still the designer’s with the embroidery and detailed embellishments with many of the looks).

One of the most memorable details from the season were the prints that to many resembled confetti; The looks were quite versatile for the average working woman, being designed for work-to-party events. A favorite that stands out from the rest is a versatile stadium coat with material from Steiff (the iconic German stuffed toy company). Because of this, the coat can easily pass for the most authentic teddy bear coat we have seen yet.

As a whole, the lineup was relaxed and appropriate for an every-day look, but still managed to add a couple of standout pieces that were eccentric and fresh to the designer that made the clothing a definite win this Pre-Fall season for 2015-2016.

Many of the looks were casual, easily transitional for both fall into the winter season such as the dark blue sleeveless shift dress paired with the crystal embellished beanie. One of the standout pieces could have easily been the oversized navy blue parka, and perhaps the overall metallic jacquard print, seen in many of the looks. The use of floral on some of the sweaters as well as a particular dress was a nice addition to the prints used this season.

Personally, I loved that this season, Lupfer chose to make everyday pieces (such as the oversized sweaters and sweatpants) and transform his signature laid-pack looks into something much more elegant and sophisticated. It was a change that we have certainty not seen before from the designer. Whether or not, this new aesthetic will continue on for future collections, I do like were it is going for the mean time.

Alexander Lewis Pre-Fall 2015 Collection: My Review

Lewis’  feminine Pre-Fall 2015 Collection was…a bit of a risk on the inspiration for the looks. His ideas for the collection was rooted from Jewish as well as Islamic tradition. Not only is always going to be a touchy subject when you choose you’re garments to be religion-inspired, but you also have to make sure you do it justice. That you don’t offend. Namely some pieces that may have given his inspiration away were woven symbols for such as ” skirt done in a blue and silver jacquard inspired by the Star of David and a black sweater with the hand of Fatima embroidered in sequins.” (

The lineup had an eclectic feel, focusing in on setting the stage for the Middle Eastern woman. A playful collection overall, in beautiful pastel colors mainly a nice shade of baby blue perfect of the winter. The one thing I really love about this collection is how Lewis manages to make every outfit flattering and still appropriate and quite modest. Although I am not sure that the garments (at least not all of them) are updated enough to fit into the lifestyle of women today, I was still very pleased mainly to see the amazing amount of classiness portrayed in the looks.

One of the ways the designer managed to bring in a younger side to the rather…old looks, was to incorporate some young trends such as the crop top and a long flowing skirt combination. This is done in a mustard yellow shade, topped with a boater hat (which Lewis made in collaboration with Piers Atkinson.) and a black velvet crop top. I think that by using trends as these, it makes the collection much stronger, and could stand on it’s own. I also really loved the pop of color mid-lineup with the fuchsia looks. It was a pleasing and bright contrast to the rather-cold-looks.

Overall, I think that this collection definitely had to be very careful due to their “touchy inspiration”, but I do think that the designer did very well in incorporating the theme in a strong manner. Color blocking was one of Lewis’ strong points and a feature in his collection, which I think also helped in creating a more modern and less simplistic look, which I personally loved. But, who am I kidding…my favorite part of the collection? The velvet! I absolutely loved it!

What did you think of this collection? Are there any other designers you would like me to review? Feel free to leave a comment below!