Alice + Olivia Spring’15 Review

One fashion house that has quite evidently proven continuous and consistent designs that are always one step ahead, is none other than… the iconic Alice + Olivia! Staying true to an aesthetic that’s quirky and never short on the labels well-known modern/eclectic fashions, designer and founder of A+O, Stacey Bendet never seems to disappoint collection after collection…and this seasons was no exception.

If you were lucky enough to be in attendance at Fashion Week this year, then surely you would have been able to view the brands’ beautiful Spring’15 show…and it was nothing less than an exceptional, sophisticated collection. (It was held in the ballroom at NYC’s iconic Pierre Hotel…oh how fancy of you!)
I simply love it! Sooo…it would only be fitting to review the enchanting world of Alice and Olivia…


Now, when beginning to describe the Alice + Olivia aesthetic, I would
say it in two words: feminine, eclectic. The one thing I really love about Stacy’s designs is how wearable the outfits really are for real occasions.
Because, while other designers excel in downtown cool or urban chic ensembles, Alice and Olivia are busy creating the high end versions of Forever 21 or perhaps… Zara. This season,
for lack of better words, was a…whimsical spring of pure splendor:)

Bendet took inspiration from the modern art installations often hosted at Versailles, transforming one of her old friend Lola Schnabel’s paintings into a print. It was incorporated onto a full skirt and a pleated top. (One of my favorite looks from the collection!) The designer also created a digital print out of a photo she took of the gardens during the trip, and showed a sweater embroidered with little crowns in reference to Marie Antoinette’s court:)


There seemed to be a lot of ’70s influences, too. This included handkerchief dresses; high-waisted looks with wide pant-legs etc. etc. with many inspired by her mother’s wardrobe from the era! However, the 50’s were also beautifully incorporated this season, as the collection had it’s share of ’50s-style tea dresses that gave the looks a retro-glamour feel, and intricate beaded gowns were included as well.

So yes, it certainly was a longer collection than ones in the past (39 looks in all!) However, it really wasn’t a problem at all, as A+O will never disappoint with her quirky style!


To mention a few standout pieces: The collarless blazers! These were amazing especially the one that featured white embroidery as well as others with various eclectic floral designs. A-line skirts and a variety of culottes were are plentiful in the outfits. Overall, the looks had a lot of variety to offer a crowd with different tastes, yet you can see where she is able to stay true to her unique and individual aesthetic.
Everything just…fit together so perfectly and it just worked! The colors were vibrant and fresh, and they portrayed a scene of casual glamour Bendet has shown us she loves!

Being that her inspiration point is a visit to Versailles, France, you can really start to visualize how she came to create a collection with such a beautiful modern-romantic feel. (And yes, I am referencing the lavender chiffon gown…it’s the best..) But!!!! …That’s not all! Oh no everyone, because not only is this collection feminine and light, but it’s also very much whimsical and quite child-like in a genius way: I mean seriously? It’s like..who else would make you want to wear a bright blue sweater with zebras printed on it? Oh yeah, Stacey Bendet!


Well, I must say that A+O has had an amazingly positive running streak these past seasons, and this particular collection is perfect, so yes…I will be able to wait until next season. 🙂

What did you all think of this collection? Favorite outfit? What would you rate the looks as a whole? I would loooove to hear what you all think!

*Little Disclaimer: Anything that is in reference to a fabric type etc. that you doubt a 15 year old me can’re most likely right. Sooo…credit goes out to as well as for info on the fabrics used in this collection! 🙂 Oh, and also, the pictures are from as well!!!!