Armani Fall 2014 Couture Review

Armani is pretty much known for navy and white staple pieces on and off the runway right? Well, nothing has changed:) However, this time for the Armani Prive Fall 2014 Couture Collection, full red pieces were incorporated into the look which I think made it pop, from past collection from the label. Go positive change! It had an industrial and modern edge to it, that appealed to the younger consumers and apparently nothing says youth, more than a pair of “haute” shorts:)

Most of the outfits were for the business woman, with a couple quite…out there…pieces like the oversized feather-covered coats and black veils. However, definitely not all of the looks were eccentric:) I really loved the looks that focused on the stiff ruffled cloaks in red and black, creating for a very feminine 1800’s feel. My favorite accessory from the collection? The leather gloves:)

This 72 outfit collection created enough room to have a cohesive yet slowly changing aesthetic throughout the show. And the result was business woman: Day to Night. From day job, to dinner, and from dinner to banquet, Armani has successfully created a collection with an amazing future commercial audience that speaks out to people with different tastes while all at the same time: Keeping the Armani look. Love the collection…every look! Take a look at some of my favorites below.

For the looks (#1 and #3) they really defined a classy business women very well. I really love the slightly edgy take on the outfits though, with the incorporation of red leather gloves. I definitely made the look much more unique and fun:) It had also been a continuing trend to have a two piece outfit with the same color. I really love women’s suits, so this collection really stood out to me. Many women are sometimes unsure what to wear for a business look, afraid that they will look too masculine with a suit. Well, these modern tops with a feminine shoulder shape, make the look classy and glamorous.

As for the look in the middle, I really liked the long white blazer because I think that the fact that it’s longer yet is still white for the summer, is a great transitioning piece for the Summer to Fall. And the romper with the leather on top, and simple white on the bottom? Uh, yes please!


Now for these two looks on either side..I mean seriously it’s like the girl version of a Harry Potter cloak or something with the ruffles! I personally love it. I think that the pieces are just so modern, yet in a way…timeless? Not really a trend, but this look can never really get old:) so now the question remains: where would this be worn?

Look number 2 is definitely one of the ones aimed (and probably even made for) at personal street style bloggers. It’s very young, yet is still put together and it just has that look! I don’t now..
Certainly on trend as well though, with the high waisted black shorts prove:)


(Yes. Yes, I do know that the third look is already in my other collage, but I included it in this one on accident…so…go laziness!)
For the 1st look though, it is simple and yet totally ready to wear. A gray blazer with a matching pencil skirt and heels…so what’s so different about this look? Um, ahem…I see you have failed to notice the fur collar…that is also by the way *cough, cough* floating basically. Isn’t it attached? Nope! Leave it up to Armani to take initiative and update that collar necklace trend!

Sooo, the look in the middle now…all I can say is that out of the whole collection, this is in fact and without a single doubt in my absolute favorite looks! The look features a red leather crop top paired with red high waisted shorts and…the most awesome blazer EVER created! Seriously though, it’s first of all a clear blazer (yeah, clear!) then, some really cool origami-type shaped were sewing into the plastic fabric to cover the see-through look. Basically it’s the best, and nonetheless, makes them cry.. (the rest) :p


All I can say about these three looks is that they are most definitely NOT ready to wear…but who cares the looks are still fun to look at and I mean only a handful of us can actually afford it so yeah…(cries because I have no money for the collection!)

Soooooo, what do you think? Do you like these looks? Who was you’re favorite designer this season? Leave you’re comments below and follow if you liked this post!