Elie Tahari Resort 2015 Review

20140616-224430-81870810.jpgOH. MY. GOSH. I am about to show you the collection that is so simplistic yet what I was waiting for exactly to be created…and now it’d finally here, created by: Elie Tahari! The collection was released about 5 days ago, giving me the time to sit and just really analyze all the aspects of the amazing modern collection that had been bestowed upon us. Yeah..I honestly like this collection that much. So, obviously had to do a review on it, so this is what this post is going to cover.

And yes I know, I don’t know if I think Resort collections are relevant… but they are fun to review. Their sole purpose of commercial success means there isn’t really a message to decipher or a concept to pick apart, and it’s mostly based just on how visually appealing the clothes are. As Alber Elbaz told style.com, “Pre-collection isn’t about an image or a direction. It’s about a woman, a desire, a need. What do women want?” Isn’t that fun?

So, though I feel ridiculous spending so much time on Resort while having done very few with more recent shows, I have a bunch of scheduled Resort posts to go up this week. Is that good? Hope so. Here’s the post:

So, Elie often draws inspiration from architecture, and this season he referenced the unique curved lines of a new train terminal in Madrid created by Santiago Calatrava. How cool is that though? I love how people get inspired by architecture and I actually thought train and moving cars, at night when I first saw the outfits even before reading about what inspired Tahari! That is how you can tell that a designer is successful:) This inspiration served as a jumping-off point for the designer’s Resort outing, which emphasized a sculptural aesthetic that was also, amazingly modern! After four decades in business, Tahari has fine-tuned his “formula”,for wearable, work-to-weekend basics with an urban twist…and that is exactly what it is. As usual, the latest lineup offered sporty tailored pieces, including a sharp white jacket accented with the mesh details on the sides, which paired terrifically with relaxed black culottes. Elsewhere, Tahari focused on longer lengths (found on crinkle-pleated maxi skirts) and styled many of his looks with slip-on sneakers that looked simplistic and simply modern.

While Tahari’s contemporary customer typically comes to him for pieces to blend into the city landscape, he also knows how to whip up an evening look to get her noticed! Case in point was the finale strapless number that combined a “scuba fabric with sheer, flocked mesh and flattering seams.”-Style.com
During a preview of the collection, Tahari launched into a story about that dress: His pretty date to the CFDA Awards wore it, and it earned her quite a bit of attention on the walk back home;)


One if the looks I would like to share with you is this overly simplistic look. Even though it is very simple, I am thankful (As I’m sure many of you are) that he included a crop top in his collection: Because I mean really…do you really want to see them go?


Now, these three designs all have my favorite part of the whole collection which is pretty much the feel of a very sporty collection. As I watched the show, I could only think: Tennis. Seriously though maybe it’s the white breathable fabric the designer used but I just loooove the last look of the three so much! The jacket looks very modern and sleek. I also really like how the first look gives off the illusion of being a dress, when in reality it’s really a crop top on top of a dress in the same shade: I never knew layering the same color would look so good. I also loved it when I saw the same breathable fabric in use under the dress and on the pleated skirt in the second look as well.


Okay, this is definitely the part where Tahari’s inspiration is seen: The moving train is represented through these fabrics that remind most of headlights of a car, or a busy highway at night such as the 1st and 3rd look. I am guessing the the colors chosen for the 3rd look correspond to the ones on the train, Tahari was inspired by.

Overall, I loved this collection. I admit that it looks simplistic but I mean this is Couture you guys, it’s just Resort so just enjoy it because there is literally not much of a deeper meaning to these clothes. So, just enjoy and relax you’re mind trying to think up or decipher the message of the whole collection. So, what do you all think? Please leave some comments below!
Personally, I loved this collection, because it just seems so practical and can definitely envision someone wearing the pieces:)
Oh and before I end this post, enjoy this photo also from the collection as the model apparently loves style bloggers? Look at how she wears her jacket you guys! Idk, sorry…bye!