Kate Spade 2015 NYFW Ready-To-Wear Review


Guys, can we like just take a moment to talk about the perfection that is Kate Spade’s Spring collection this year?! Like it’s..the best…Here’s all you need to know:

This season, it was quite evident the whole collection was inspired by the ‘60s: it was playful, quirky, colorful and relaxed. “We wanted to celebrate those moments when it’s time to put down the phone,” said chief creative director Deborah Lloyd at the opening presentation. Perhaps the 60’s wasn’t her intentional look to be? Hm…Well, we do know that she may have been influenced by her business travels this past year, where she wasn’t stuck in an office every day. Recreation and a calm scenery including swimming, lounging, and just being…was this collections aesthetic…(Basically also known as vacation…)


Lloyd comments on her inspiration for the Spring 2015 looks as she says: “This season I’m loving the natural patterns that occur in nature; the reflections in a pool, the shadow of florals and the texture of leaves”, and this is definitely translated to perfection in every look.

I mean honestly, I do have to admit: Fashion week could be stressful for those who have the privilege to attend, so I could only image that this collection might have just given the audience pure joy to watch the models show off the most extravagant dresses, shorts and pants paired with the most quirky handbags and clutches!

It’s a more positive option in comparison to more serious designers, and I think that a lot of people appreciate the fun world that is Kate Spade!

The setting of the show is best described, as the loveliest garden scene you could ever imagine! Greeted by Deborah Lloyd, she opens the show with “Welcome to the year of escaping the ordinary,” Guests had to oblige while strolling through the green lawn and the smell of fresh-cut grass:) How fun!


Kate’s NYFW presentation was eye-candy, it was a crowd pleaser and an absolute success! Sure enough, everything on display lived up to the name…retro-cutesy:)

Now, I’m not even sure if I can even begin to describe the clothing, when I saw the first models walk down the runway. However, I can say that the clothing most definitely lived up to the atmosphere, with easy-to-wear dresses for work and leisure, in eyelet, stripes, and floral appliqué.


And seriously though everyone…what garden party is complete without wicker? Certainly not Kate Spade’s! Straw baskets took on whimsical shapes of frogs and cottages — accompanied the designs marvelously, and all of this would combine to a result that lived up to another promise of Lloyd’s, which was “These are the pieces that can take you anywhere, on any adventure.”

We saw striped dresses and bright floral patterns, cute handbags, panama hats and white-framed sunglasses…and lots lots more! The outfits were alluring, as they looked effortless but… exquisitely detailed. The looks were elegant and feminine in a very unique way we don’t usually think of/see in women’s clothing.


This emphasis on leisure called for more relaxed silhouettes of course, and could have made for the original feminine looks. The whole collection was super comfortable-based with…well…flats lots of flats… some sandals too:) PVC visors were paired with fashionable tennis dresses, wide-cut shorts were worn with boxy jackets. One of my favorite looks include a sweatshirt printed with a reflective pool pattern:)

The show was filled with a plethora of giant bows, huge graphic stripes, cat eye sunglasses, eye-catching hats and bright floral prints all with a cool garden party theme…what can be better? Best of all though, were the bags! Let’s not forget about the amazing bags!


Now, I’m not sure if you all know this (I didn’t until yesterday), but the Kate Spade label’s main focus is on handbags and it’s hardly surprising that the first fashion pieces that Kate started to design were these marvelous handbags! “How about [designing] handbags? You love them.” Kate recalls her husband’s, Andy Spade’s words. And that is how it all began.How cute:)

This season, bags ranged from a fish shape, to crabs, snails, cottages and even a leather watering-can shaped bag! The brands signature whimsy was most evident in these clutches. and the fans/costumers are pleased by Lloyd’s fun designs, as am I:)


Did you like Kate Spade’s Spring 2015 Collection? Any suggestions for my next NYFW review? Comment down below! 🙂