Lyn Devon Spring 2015 Review


Lyn Devon’s Spring 2015 Ready To Wear collection was a total refreshment to her costumers, because this season was a totally new aesthetic, vibe, inspiration and look overall. I honestly think that this was a really cute update on the sharp swing coats, pencil skirts, and shift dresses Devon’s customers are used to seeing!

Designers this season are-so far-referencing sunny, and bright summer destinations to serve as their inspiration. This is quite contrasting compared to last Springs 2014 Collection that was perhaps most well know as “Fashion’s Polar Vortex” when they all treated their Spring collections as winter ones:)

Lyn Devon said she was thinking about her time in the Bahamas as a young girl, where glamorous women lounged poolside in once-piece swimsuits and heels—beehive hairstyles intact, I assure you! “There was this flair and exuberance to the way they dressed,” she said. “And Harbour Island is covered in pastels, which I didn’t gravitate toward in the past. But all of a sudden they felt so fresh to me.”


Devon decided to sweeten her signature ’60s-inspired silhouettes this season with shades of buttercup yellow, turquoise, and petal pink, grounded with neutrals like charcoal and taupe. Including a whimsical pineapple-print pant looked was absulutely refreshing to see, but at the same time didn’t immediately register as “beach attire,” thanks to the modern cropped flare-totally helped out big time!

All in all, Lyn Devon had a seemingly simplistic collection this season, but I’m sure that we’ll probably be seeing some pineapple prints and 60’s mod looks soon in stores:)

What did you all think of this collection? Suggestions for my next NYFW review? Leave a comment below!