Moschino Spring 2015 Review


I’m starting off my Milan Fashion Week reviews with the one and only Moschino! The Italian fashion house had asked us to “Think Pink,” in a preview for its Spring 2015 show…and we obviously only had one woman in mind: Barbie! This style icon has had quite the busy Fashion Month, even after creating an Instagram account for all things fashion: @barbiestyle. The Moschino collection is now available in miniature size for Barbie, as seen below:)

“Beyond flattered and excited to be the muse for @itsjeremyscott’s Spring/Summer 2015 @moschino collection that debuted on the runway tonight in Milan, styled by @carlynecerfdedudzeele. Have you seen it? You must! đź’•#jeremyscott #moschino #moschinofashionshow #ccd #cerfstyle #mfw #barbie #barbiestyle”

And so now, with Barbie as an inspiration, the venue was filled to the maximum capacity of people, with three standing rows! “Hiya, Barbie!” rang out from the loudspeakers, and delivered a show that lived up to the giant plastic comb that was included in the invitations:)

The first model emerged in a huge, curled up platinum blond wig, bubblegum pink lipstick, a cropped fuchsia leather jacket paired with an equally pink miniskirt! For Fall it was McDonald’s and Budweiser; this season it was Mattel’s iconic plastic doll that got Scott attention from basically everyone! (Because really, who doesn’t like Barbie?)


Using well known American symbols in his most recent collections has since been his aesthetic, his inspiration…and can even be a tactic (as these well known brands and icons draw everyone’s full attention and approval towards his collection season to season) Now, I think Barbie is going to be much bigger than the past McDonald’s and SpongeBob SquarePants phase of Moschino!

“Like every girl and gay boy, I loved Barbie,” Scott said backstage afterward, sporting a “Moschino for Ages 5 and Over” T-shirt. “It’s hard not to; she’s practically perfect,” he went on. “She’s a good big sister, she’s had every job in the world, worn every outfit. And it’s just joyful. Her and I share the same things: We just want to bring joy to people.”

Now, I guess we could “problematize” Barbie and her measurements that aren’t true to life (if she were human, she’d be 36 inches by 18 by 33). We could also bring up that old body-image debate that always seems to revolve around her, but I mean she does look better than ever at 55 years since she was invented! Seriously though, who wants to be the lone debater right now, when everyone else seems to be having such a good time, just enjoying the clothes?


The clothing was ultra-feminine, super fun and 110% Barbie! Model, Charlotte Free made her way down the runway roller-skating to the very edge of the runway in “Moschino Barbie” bubbleletters logo bra, track shorts, and sweatband, capturing the spirit of Barbie perfectly! Fashion hasn’t seen anything like this in years—(some would say maybe even since Franco Moschino himself was making his way up to the fashion elite!)

You may have heard others complain, “But some clothes have such a cheap look…” Or, “Where can you even go with these outfits?” Then, you probably realize, its a fashion show and the clothes are supposed to look a bit…outlandish:p So, enjoy the pink-filled collection and let’s just wait patiently until the accessories and iPhone cases make their way into the stores!
(Even if we’re not entirely ready for the return of the Juicy Couture-style pink sweatpants that you probably recall the Hilton sisters circa, the turn of the millennium, or to roller-skate down the runway of life like Charlotte…because Charlotte is awesome that’s why…)


To zoom in a bit more to the highlights of the collection,
I must note that this time around, the show was so much
like a parading of the eighties that’s perhaps most associated with its plastic poster girl: an era in which, for some, looking “fake” was a compliment. Every model that walked the runway had a popular Barbie look to fit every outfit and occupation Barbie has taken upon over the years. This included the gym Barbie, in a baby pink branded sweatsuit, complete with matching (branded!) hand weights, as well as a Business Lunch Barbie, in a diamond studded knit skirt suit. There was “Fly Girl” Barbie, in denim hot pants and a small matching vest, with a boom box tote to tie the look together. The iconic Poolside Barbie was not forget either with a diamond studded towel dress and turban. There was even a Bikinied Barbie on roller skates!


The collection paid homage, and lived up to the iconic children’s toy, including all that is Barbie in a marvelous Pink-filled show! Complete with Daywear, evening gowns, summer dresses and swimwear all staying true to the signature Barbie doll designs from the 1980s were created in a bright neon palette, with some gold and silver fabrics with shimmering organza ruffles, also making it’s way down the runway:)


Now, you don’t really expect me to review a Moschino show until I include a well-deserved applause to the perfection that is Moschino…accessories, right!? It’s the jewelry, the iPhone cases, the bags and much more that all of us really look forward to seeing from Moschino every season! And so, to that end, an email blast went out shortly after the show concluded announcing the impending arrival of Scott’s pink mirror iPhone case, pink-and-black logoed backpacks, and a pink leather cross-body bag shaped like a motorcycle jacket in stores this weekend!) It could be that unique and fearless child-like design that continued to drive Scott’s fans coming back to him for more
clothes time after time..and why not? After all, Barbie was always the girl having the most fun!


So, if you fell in love with Jeremy Scott’s collection this season like I did, then you’re in luck! A capsule collection, which includes headbands, handbags, crossbodies, backpacks, iPhone cases, and clutches is available online today at and! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go check out the ultragirlie capsule collection!

*Credit to for the photos! Anything in quotes I got from the review, or from an interview I watched of Jeremy Scott, himself:)