My Top 10: Fashion Designers (Part 1)

I will say this…it was tough to pick only 10…but I finally did. I won’t bore you with a long intro (TodayūüėŹ), so I’ll just get right into it:) This is Top 5 however, because then this post would be terribly long! The next 5 will be posted another day:)
(In no particular order)

1) Alice and Olivia


Oh, Alice + Olivia, how I wish I would have known about you very VERY long ago…but the label is actually relatively new (2010 I believe is when they started)

Since then, Stacey Bendet- creator of these amazing pieces of art- has been working time after time with a mindset of supremely wearable down-to-earth clothing for the real (high end) girl. Think of it as the expensive version of Forever 21, Asos, and Zara all into one:) If you needed to describe the Alice + Olivia aesthetic… you could do it in two words: pretty, eclectic.

I love the most recent of her collections (the first one is Resort 2015, the second one is Fall 2014 Ready to Wear)
The Resort collection is very bright and fun, to put it into the most simplest of terms, and I literally want everything in the collection! If only it was at a more convenient price:( I just LOVE how there’s a dress that literally looks like a little kid drew on a coloring book, then became a dress? Yup. I would actually wear that! Oh, and then the dress with the small town pattern: Perfect! The next collection for Fall 2014 Ready to Wear is just amazing in every way as well like….SERIOUSLY though: The whole collection including the background all reminded me so much of the book Sweetly. You know, with the witches and the forest and-…oh..-no? Ok… But I still think that this collection is amazing and is still practical (But not as much as the first)

Even though it wasn’t included here, I would have had the perfect example of “High end Forever 21” mixed with the 50’s if I had included Alice + Olivia’s Resort 2012..but I highly doubt you want to see something THAT outdated…so I didn’t include it:) So, now you know about my new obsession (I wouldn’t really call it obsession but because lack of words, why not) with this label, and let’s move on to the next!

2) Chanel



Now, I know it’s a bit cliche to say Chanel (and a bit of others on this post) are my favorites, but the truth is, their clothes are the BEST, and Karl Lagerfeld is a GENIUS. Chanel is one of today‚Äôs best known and most highly sought-after fashion brands, and has been one practically since it was founded by Coco Chanel in 1909..and you know it’s still the best!

I mean, Chanel stands out in just about every category‚ÄĒcouture, ready-to-wear, accessories, jewelry, shoes, fragrances, and like everything else.

I would describe the overall style of Chanel as designed for women to be comfortable while looking dignified, a classic, tailored style, (especially in ready-to-wear)” where the traditional tweed Chanel suit with a nipped-at-the-waist cardigan jacket remains one of the most popular‚ÄĒand most copied‚ÄĒfashion staples.” And the style has stayed true ever since it’s establishment.

Two recent shows from Chanel pictured above are Resort 2015 and the most recent Couture collection. (Which I will NEVER
stop talking about, because it’s the best collection in the entire universe)

The Resort Collection was surely a memorable one, with Lagerfeld referencing the traditional patterns of the Middle East with a mash-up of prints that called to mind um can you say, Islamic tiles?

The looks were also very structured and had upright collars like the culture always shows. Harem pants came in every shape and fabric imaginable‚ÄĒfrom wide-cut, sheer, and ruffled to slim, shiny, and floral-print. YES, I know that is sentence is literally from one of my past posts, but I didn’t really feel like remembering each fabric again so…yeah…go laziness!

As for the ever-so-perfect Couture collection, well it was the best and if you haven’t watched it yet, you have to watch it because simply looking at the pictures won’t do! The music is great, the choreography (if that’s what it’s called) literally told some story I don’t quite know, but it was really cool, and then the gym shoes with the sequins tops and the crop tops with the skirt that make you’re stomach look thin, and curvier and oh my gosh there are too many commas in this sentence and I can’t stop! Basically, the best collection ever (especially with Cara Delevingne as a model, because she IS the model)

3)Just Cavalli



I don’t even really know how to even begin to describe Roberto Cavalli’s style….eccentric perfection! Lolz.
Everything he designs is just so me especially his latest Resort collection.

Speaking of Resort 2015, Cavalli’s diffusion line is almost always inspired from far- flung destinations and exotic cultures, and this time for Resort, he gave new meaning to the “urban-jungle” cliche. I love the fact that it’s a really active collection, because apparently designers are still strong on active wear such as sneakers, sweatshirts and windbreakers:p But, that’s 100% ok, because obviously the collection turned out amazing.

The next collection pictured is Roberto’s Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection. It’s bold, it’s loud and neon. Tropical, cheetah, and plaid prints mixed together, bright and perfect for the spring. It’s a couple seasons old, but it just looks like the perfect collection to showcase what Cavalli is all about.




Versace has always been about elegance and sophistication, but with a more modern and eccentric twist, apparent in the first image above.

I chose Versace as one of my top 10 favorites not because of the song-lol- but because the designs are always very detailed and use symbols in their clothing which I find really thought out and cool to figure out what they mean.

One of the things that really draw me to Versace is the amazing use of color scheme and the patterns used in unison that even though don’t normally go together, they somehow do in these 2 collections.

The second (Fall 2014 Ready to Wear) reminded me of superheroes mixed in with military although I’m not sure why….

Always one on the top of my head, this label is most definitely still one of my favorites:)




Since the original launch of Escada, it had always stood out, with its distinctive creations featuring unusual combinations of colors and patterns, exclusive embroidery, and elaborately designed knitted fashions. The originality and sophistication of all the collections are what draw me into their fashion lines, every time.

The first is Resort 2015. The flowers that were drawn for the collection as well as the mixing of navy blue and white which is what pulled the collection together. It was classic and made for the working woman. The looks for most of the Escada collections are just like this. It’s all in the elegance:)

Next 5 coming soon:)